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Planet Dirt Cup Map Request!
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Planet Dirt Cup Map Request! 13 September 2019 19:56:40  
The Planet Dirt Cup is making his return with the 2nd Solo edition!
Happening from early November to mid-December (official announcement coming soon), we are looking for fresh community dirt maps:

Requirements :

Name : $i$s$c60pdc $aaa- $fffMapname
or $i$s$c60pdc $aaa- $fffMapname $ccc(ft Second author)
Style : Dirt
Length : 55-68 seconds
Mood : Day or Sunrise
Difficulty : Average+, progressive difficulty, creative and decisive passage(s), alternative finish (if spectactor friendly one)
Scenery : Your scenery has to be attractive but not overloaded, the path has to be clear
Your map has to be fully respawnable without doing some trial shenanigans
Blockmixing : You can use it but it has to be clean

- "Competition Titlepack" is allowed, but do not overuse new/custom blocks
- Use the official Planet Dirt Cup's signpack (Download here)
- Don't protect your map with a password
- Limit is 3 maps maximum per author, including duo tracks
- Send your productions at before October 20th at midnight

We are waiting for your amazing productions, HF building:build:
Planet Dirt Cup staff
Location: DK
Page: 1 of 1 Post Reply
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