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TM² AllRound Competition - Building Phase
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TM² AllRound Competition - Building Phase 10 October 2019 11:53:28  
For many years, community members have hosted a time attack competition on TMX called ARC. The goal of this competition was to determine the best time attack driver across the most popular map styles. In 2019 it is finally time to bring this competition to TM2!

To get an idea of the competition, you can take a look at one of the highlight videos that seb made for the 2019 ARC on TMX:

Building Information

How do I enter:
* Build a track in a certain style;
* Name your track 'ARC2019 - xxx' where 'xxx' stands for your name; please also add a tag at the end, which style the map is about. [FS] - [T] - [D] - [RPG] - [Multi].
* Send the track in a PM to me here on MX or on Discord: Sky#1505

* You can build as many tracks as you want for each style, however only 1 map of yours will be chosen per style.
* If you build multiple tracks for one specific style (e.g. FS), only 1 track can be chosen.
* Already released tracks are not allowed.
* You can stream your mapping process, but please do not publish the map before the round it will be played in.
* Follow the specific track rules for the styles.
* Try to keep the scenery to a reasonable amount.
* Duotracks are allowed.
* Blockmixing is allowed. Please keep it reasonable.
* Extended building area is allowed for Multi-Style tracks
* Try to avoid any luck-based parts and keep the map enjoyable for players of all levels.
* For RPG tracks the RPG Titlepack is allowed.
* All maps can be built in the competition titlepack.

Trackstyle rules:

- Fullspeed:
Yes: intermediate difficulty, 45-60 seconds (author time in between those)
No: mods

- Tech:
Yes: intermediate difficulty, 45-65 seconds (author time in between those)
No: mods

- RPG:
Yes: mod, respawnable, intermediate difficulty, 5-7 minutes (author time in between those)
No: -

Yes: at least 75% dirt, intermediate difficulty, 45-65 seconds (author time in between those)
No: mods

Yes: mix of known styles, or maps that are not adhering to common style guidelines (as long as they are huntable), intermediate difficulty, 45-90 seconds (author time in between those)
No: mods

The tracks that get picked out will be uploaded on an ARC2019 account by me. This way I have full control of the tracks and when they get uploaded. The map author will be added as duo partner. When the hunt is over, the tracks can be transferred solely to the author's account if you want to.

Building deadline:
At this moment, the deadline will be set on the 10th of November.

All following information will be posted on Discord:
Please join the server to ensure that you will stay up to date!

If you have additional questions, please post them on Discord
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
10 October 2019 12:35:10  
Old Age Caravanner
Location: RU
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