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The French Championship (CDF2020) Map request!
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The French Championship (CDF2020) Map request! 22 October 2019 20:11:24  
The French Championship has been announced this sunday after the TRF 2019 final !
Without map, no competition. So we'll start with the maps request. Here you can find all of the informations you need to map !

MAP: Mix styles
MAP NAME: $39cC$fffD$f30F$fff2020 - Name of the map
MOOD: Sunrise / Day / Sunset
Between 45s and 1min
STYLES LENGTH: Tech 15s-20s / Dirt 15s-20s / Fullspeed 15s-20s
TITLEPACK: Competition
CUSTOM BLOCKS: NOT allowed, except blocks already in the title pack competition
MIX MAPPING: Allowed if it’s clean

- Progressive time is forbidden
- Use the signs in the pack
- Do not protect your map by a password

- Maximum 2 maps per author
(Choice = 2 Solos | 2 Duos | 1 Solo + 1 Duo)

Sign pack:
Send your maps here:
Deadline: December 1st

All informations from the 2020 French Championship will be on this discord in the category CDF 2020 Trackmania :
When you are on the discord. Do not hesitate to ask a role.

Admin discord: Hekta#8291
Last edited by Keissla.wp, 22 October 2019 20:21:32
Location: DK
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