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Trackmania Dirt League Map request
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Trackmania Dirt League Map request 27 October 2019 19:20:00  
the Trackmania Dirt League come back for a new edition that will take place early 2020 ! (January - February)
We are looking for dirt maps, you can find the requirements below.


Length: From 55 sec to 1min05 sec
Difficulty: Challenging but enjoyable.
Tiltle Pack ESL & Custom block: Allowed
Mix-mapping: Allowed without flickering & bug.
Scenery: Be original (the route has to be clear)
Mood: Day or Sunrise
Mediatracker: Only GPS is allowed.
Respawn: Your map has to be respawnable.
Name: $i$963T$FFFDL$963-$FFF

Please do not protect your map with a password.
You can't submit more than 3 maps (a duo-map count as 1 map.)

Send your maps to: Lenny#1002 on discord, before January 1st.

Time to build !
Last edited by Keissla.wp, 27 October 2019 19:23:21
Location: DK
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