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Location: Home  Community Forums  Help  Hey, new to this map exchange, could use a bit of help. 
Hey, new to this map exchange, could use a bit of help.
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Hey, new to this map exchange, could use a bit of help. 13 January 2020 06:27:23  
So, I've played Trackmania for awhile now, but I've always used the steam workshop to download tracks. Not all of them are very functional, so I have wanted to try tracks from here, but I'm not sure how to install them. I did link my account, and I've using the Install & Play function on the track pages, but it hasn't seemed to do anything. Downloading manually works, but I'm not sure where my game stores the tracks to begin with, as I'm using the steam version. If someone out there doesn't mind lending me a bit of assistance on how to get tracks from this site into my game, that'd be nice.

For the record I'm currently trying to do this with Trackmania Canyon, but I own Stadium as well.
Learner Driver
13 January 2020 07:34:06  
Hi, welcome to the site!

I'm not sure Install & Play works at all with the Steam version. I've never tried it myself, but I've always heard from others that it doesn't work.

You should be able to download maps and place them in:

In-game you can play those maps by opening the Canyon title (or whichever title the map was made in)...
And then go to -> Local Play -> Single Map
Site Leader
Location: US
13 January 2020 23:07:29  
Also good to note, you can always download the standalone version of ManiaPlanet from here:

Just log into your ManiaPlanet account like normal, and you should have full access to the titles you bought through Steam (provided you've launched each owned title through Steam at least once already). In cases like this, it can be better for compatability reasons.
MTC Host
Location: US
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