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Location: Home  Community Forums  Help  ManiaExchange not linked to ManiaPlanet 
ManiaExchange not linked to ManiaPlanet
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ManiaExchange not linked to ManiaPlanet 06 March 2020 12:04:28  

I hope my issue wasn't already discused in an other thread - I didn't found any helpul stuff anyhow...

Well, everytime I open ManiaExchange, it says "Your ManiaExchange account has not be linked with your ManiaPlanet account. Click here to link them.". If I click on the link, it says "Your account is currently associated with: XXaccountnameXX" which is correct.

This means, I can't get rid of this notification and since my account isn't verified, I unfo can't upload anything :/ Can anyone help please?

Learner Driver
06 March 2020 13:14:09  
Nevermind, Problem was settled after restarting chrome and deleting the cookies...(y)
Learner Driver
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