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Location: Home  Community Forums  Help  [editor/video] How record video? 
[editor/video] How record video?
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[editor/video] How record video? 02 May 2020 16:32:32  
Hello all
I can't find information - how to record a video. In TMNF I clicked the "avi" button and a window with codecs was displayed. nothing happens here when I click avi ... in TM2 Stadium. Please help or guide.

Learner Driver
03 May 2020 09:25:54  
Hey lolarter,

you'll need to place in an "Editing Cut" block over the part you want to make a video of. Mark it and click on .AVI and you should be able to render the video.

If you have more questions, I'll suggest checking out the #mediatracker channel on our Discord.:build:
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
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