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Location: Home  Community Forums  Screenshot Competitions  [SC] Smoking hot | Win: 1234p | CLO0OSED 
[SC] Smoking hot | Win: 1234p | CLO0OSED
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10 October 2011 15:50:06  
Really nice ones all three! (l)

I agree about the blur on MS's one but otherwise it's awesome ;)
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
11 October 2011 09:02:50  
some lovely submissions here already C:
here's mine

G-kart Racer
Location: AU
11 October 2011 11:12:11  
Am I the only one who sees some animal in this high platforms:|
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
11 October 2011 12:48:09  
looks damn nice :o maybe a bit too dark :)
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
11 October 2011 16:18:02  
ƻFlow.qb says:
Am I the only one who sees some animal in this high platforms:|

No you aren't :d Great one pepsi!
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
13 October 2011 16:37:01  
Well I wished those seem ore screens but as the time is up here are the results :)

1st: Animus | screen | big showcase + 1000 planets
2nd: Metal_snake | screen | small showcase + 234 planets
3rd: atphavoc | screen | small showcase
4th: pepsimax | screen | glory ^^

Detailed feedback :cool:
Animus: Really, really nice angle and colors! It looks as fast as the track and the quality is great. Great colors too, even though it could have been a bit "hotter" too.
MS: The angle is my favorite and the overall feeling fits well with the track. However, it's a bit too blurry for my eyes. The big one looks really amazing but I didn't like the small one that much.
Atphavoc: The angle is quite nice and the "volcano" there looks great but the "moving car effect" isn't my style and the overall coloring is more cold than hot.
pepsimax: This angle looks really nice and the coloring fits with the track but I can't stand that I really saw some kind of lizard in the scenery! I really looks like an animal ^^ Still gr8 colors!

Sooo please tell your logins to get coppers planets! Also tell the ID of the track you want to be showcased :)
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
Page: 2 of 2 Locked
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