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MX Knockouts - Weekly Podium Results
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12 November 2011 12:13:31  
Results 12-11-11
:gold: NitroGuy
:silver: Marius
:bronze: Laurens
Beetle Racer
12 November 2011 12:16:29  
I never knew how great canyon would be for the KO :o
G-kart Racer
Location: US
12 November 2011 12:18:14  
pretty fun indeed (y) got to 20th round, all-time record for me :cool:
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
12 November 2011 12:19:59  
really nice first KO, well done everyone!
Surely Retired
Location: GB
12 November 2011 12:33:13  
Great fun today!
Canyon seems perfect for KO-events. Good trackpool, too. Just need a better connection to avoid dc's next time -.-
Moped Racer
12 November 2011 12:53:25  
I had a line drop when racing the second track :@
Be as you wish to seem.
Location: DE
13 November 2011 00:12:49  
Here's a video of the final. And here's a video of the first race. I've also added the links to the front page news post.
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Site Leader
Location: US
13 November 2011 03:52:04  
You unfortunately don't see what happened to me. :d
I took the turn before the two waves fs, but car rolled very little in this liitle jump and it's simply bad that you land on the second wave. I had no clue, what the car is going to do after landing. And it finally smashed to the left though I didn't steer there. It's a little lucky part; would have been a very close race to the finish. But Nitroguy definitely deserves the win regarding his times on all the last maps.
Moped Racer
13 November 2011 04:20:51  
Now we can see! :p Too bad about that bug/crash Marius. :(

Site Leader
Location: US
13 November 2011 04:23:09  
Great video of the first race :d
Space Cowboy
Location: US
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