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Planet Competitions
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Planet Competitions 2011-11-13 08:01:18  
(Format from TMX, by MrA)

Here is the thread where you can post a link to your track and offer planet-prizes for the fastest times or other contest-oriented structures.

Thread Rules
o Post a link to your track
o Write alittle about it to entice people to play
o Set a deadline for when replays need to be uploaded (or other tasks need to be completed)
o State the planets prizes on offer (must be at least 500 planets in prizes)

Optional Details
o Beat the Authortime - offer additional planets to be split between all who beat the authortime. Or, simply make it a requirement to beat the authortime to be entitled to win any planets at all.
o Combined Results - offer additional coppers for the best combined time on several (usually max three) tracks. As TMX only shows the top 10 replays, however, making it to the top 10 on all included tracks might have to be a requirement.
o Forbid Shortcuts - if you don't do so from the start, it may be too late to reject any such replays later.

Please note that this thread relates to all "smaller" contests on personal tracks - fastest times, finding hidden areas, etc. - in order to keep the forums nice and clean

This will be a one stop place for people interested in winning planets by racing or in other ways competing on tracks.
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6000 Planets Contest 2011-11-13 08:09:24  

Win Planets by racing this fullspeeder:


Deadline: 1st December (assuming the LB is running stable)
Update!: It's only fair to wait with the contest until the uploading works and until you can download replays and actually race against your opponent. The deadline will be at least a week after it works...


more Planets than announced before...

Have fun!

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2011-11-13 15:02:08  
MP uses Planets, so I fixed the first post and your post. I hope you really meant planets though.
Back in action!
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2011-11-13 15:34:12  


I released a map specifically designed to hunt times on, but nobody is playing it. Hopefully this will draw people in!


For every hundredth of a second you beat on my GPS time of 0:43.07, you will be awarded 100 planets.

For example, if you somehow manage a 0:43.00, you will receive 700 planets. If you get a 0:42.80 (theoretical best time), you will receive 2700 planets. These prizes will go to anyone, not just the one with the best time, so get hunting!

Deadline: Sunday, 27 November, 23:59 GMT
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2011-11-13 15:54:24  
Uh, yes. Thanks very much Ville! (y)
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>25.000 Planets to win by unlocking achievements! 2011-11-19 17:35:22  
All my tracks have achievements that can be unlocked. They're not really evolving around records, but rpg style pathfinding or easter eggs. Once you unlock an achievement a cutscene sets in. Make a screenshot of each achievement and when you unlocked them all on a track, send the shots to me to get your reward. (More information about this on the track details page)
A track usually has three achievements, although my little LOL track only has one.

PIPE CIRCUIT - Drive one round on the pipe curcuit above the raceway turn.
THREE-POINTER - Fling your car into one of the two baskets.
BACKDOOR POKER - Drive through the finish from the other side, but don't finish.
a total of 10.750 Planets

FOLLOWER'S 11 - Do as the sign says in under 11 seconds.
BALANCING ACT - Ride the pipe connecting the roof with the cliff.
BALCONY PARTY - Find the hidden balcony and enjoy the view.
a total of 10.750 Planets

NON-CONFORMIST - no description given.
a total of 3.875 Planets

Good luck 8-|
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tracks for nolifers!
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2011-11-20 18:36:37  
soo this is my first tm2 track and it turned out better than i thought first due to the weird editor =p well i think its a good hunter and thats why i start a copper planet competition here.


    -2000 planets for the best replay until the deadline
    -deadline: 6.12.2011
    -100 planets for every submitted replay
    -post your login in the comment section below the track

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900 plantes to win! 2011-11-27 11:46:56  
The best replays will win 500 planets.
Deadline is the 02.12.2011
Have fun hunting and upload you personal bests (:

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2011-12-01 17:22:29  
Hi there,
Rules are simple, drive the track, upload the replay, deadline December 29th.

Top 5 players will be presented in a movie (classic editing, high quality).
They will get 2000, 1200, 800, 500, 500 planets as well, according to the position.

Track: Florento Gran Premio
Next Action: Get started, and remember " - If at first you don't succeed... try, and then try again " (y)

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2011-12-02 14:49:14  

1k planets for the best replay until the deadline
Deadline: 23.12.2011
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