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Planet Competitions
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multiple-dial lock 12 June 2014 18:53:14  

Let me introduce the multiple-dial lock!
:gold: <34.50 - 500 planets (difficulty 3.5/5)
:silver: <36.00 - 250 planets (difficulty 2/5)
No deadline

Its a pretty crappy lock and all combinations below 34.50 opens the lock! :gold::gold::gold:
By opening the lock you will find that it holds 500 planets!. So all you have to do is to upload a replay with a time better than 34.50 to claim the reward, my author time is 33.84 so this shouldn't be too hard even for non-pro (y)(y). Not able to do it? Upload a replay with a time below 36.00 and earn 250 planets for giving it a go ;).

Leave login in comments/pm

Happy Hunting!
Last edited by coshank, 14 June 2014 00:57:38
Old Age Caravanner
16 June 2014 21:39:14  

Let me introduce the single-dial lock!
:gold: <22.50 - 500 planets
No deadline
Leave login in comments/pm and I will reward you as soon as possible!

This lock is even worse than the first one! This time any combination below 22.50 opens the it!
Simply upload a replay below 22.50 and the planets are yours!(y)(y)
Last edited by coshank, 19 June 2014 13:52:21
Old Age Caravanner
18 June 2014 04:55:39  

Every replay uploaded gets 250 planets.
Every replay uploaded that beats my Author Time(0:40.645) gets 1000 planets.

After uploading the replay, send me a private message with your login. I can also send TMUF coppers instead of planets. I'm paying the coppers as soon as I receive your message.

Deadline: 15/July.
G-kart Racer
Location: BR
21 June 2014 18:39:43  

Let me introduce the speed-dial lock!
:award: <40.00 - 500 planets
No end date for this challenge!
Leave login in comments/pm and I will reward you as soon as possible!

Simply upload a replay below 40.00 and the planets are yours!(y)(y)
Old Age Caravanner
5000p competition! 26 June 2014 07:46:46  
Hey! Time for a normal competition!:cool:

Short racer/fullspeeder.

:gold: 3000p
:silver: 1500p
:bronze: 500p
:award: 4-10th: 250p
deadline: Sunday 13/7 20.00 CET
leave login in comments/pm.

I will also make a video of all the replays :). (y)

Last edited by coshank, 26 June 2014 07:51:51
Old Age Caravanner
28 July 2014 15:48:54  

:gold: 1st: 5000 planets
:silver: 2nd: 2000 planets
:bronze: 3rd: 1500 planets
:done: 4th-10th: 500 planets
Deadline: Will be announced when 10 replays have been submitted.

This track tests your timing and reaction skills. Hopefully you won't need too much experience to be able to compete in this competition, as long as you're a fast respawner!(y)

Check out the GPS to see how I drive this track!

Last edited by coshank, 28 July 2014 15:49:17
Old Age Caravanner
09 August 2014 17:15:25  
Now it´s time for a completely different competition!


Dirt!-titlepack (on my manialink or the Maniaplanet Store)

Here the winners :)

1. Platz: 5000 Planets = wulfram
2. Platz: 3000 Planets = epsilon_92
3. Platz: 2000 Planets = index


And now the rules:
The map is only available on the Dirt!-server (i will upload the map to MX after the competition has ended).
Only your time achieved on the Dirt!-server will be considered for the competition.
The competition starts after the map has been uploaded to the server (should be done today) and it ends on next sunday (FINISHED)
The map was build very simple, so everyone can finish it in about 30 seconds. :)

The Map is : Dirt! Bonus Map 3 <<<<<<<<

Everyone can participate in the competition, so it´s been announced on MX, my manialink and Facebook :)

Try your luck and take part in this competition!
Last edited by Mr.DVD, 17 August 2014 19:22:22
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
CLOSED - 30K + showcase Tech competition DL Oct. 1st 26 August 2014 10:19:05  
Hey everyone,

Keirabxtch and I are holding a Planet competition on our new duo map. Upload your offline record within the deadline.

Deadline: Oct. 1st, 2014

1st 10000 and a showcase on the front page!
2nd 8000
3rd 5000
4th 3000
5th 1500
6th 500
7th 500
8th 500
9th 500
10th 500

EDIT: Final standings

  • 00:46.622 - Marius 89 :gold:
  • 00:46.678 - riolu! :silver:
  • 00:47.080 - trying :bronze:
  • 00:47.165 - div :done:
  • 00:48.072 - jui :done:
  • 00:48.124 - haenry :done:
  • 00:48.242 - Mr.DVD :done:
  • 00:49.188 - Ropesbart :done:
  • 00:49.640 - ice_nine :done:

This is the map:

Have fun!(y)
Last edited by erikfzr, 02 October 2014 00:18:38
MX Supporter
Location: IT
06 September 2014 17:02:35  


:gold: 5000p
:silver: 2000p
:bronze: 1000p
:award: 4th-10th 500p

Deadline: Will be set when 10 replays have been submitted.

HF (y)(y)(y)

Old Age Caravanner
12 September 2014 18:54:12  

Fast, tight, road only stadium speedtech with barely any transitions. Pure skill hunting.

15,000 planets and a video made by Andriv showcasing your run for whoever has the fastest time by Friday 19 September 2014, 23:59 CEST.

Good luck hunting, want to see some times breaking 1:01(y)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: NL
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