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Planet Competitions
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26 March 2012 20:14:56  

There is a secret prize for the fastest replay posted till 1 april
Also, on that day, I will also choose a random replay and give another prize to it :)
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09 April 2012 00:24:15  

Together with my clanmate Ananas I form the duo Opiumschrank. As we did not receive much (to be precisely: none) feedback on our last track, we decided to start a competition coming along with this one.
Important: Cuts are strictly forbidden and you will be immedately disqualified!

:gold: First place : 500 Planets
:silver: Second place : 300 Planets
:bronze: Third place : 200 Planets

100 Planets will be given randomly to one player.

Special prize: The AT was driven by Ananas and he thinks he drove the ultimative AT. So, if you beat his AT (1:35.05), you will win 500 Planets. But he assured me, no one can beat it :p

Deadline: 15 April 2012, 23.59 GMT+2 (german time)
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09 April 2012 20:25:08  

10.000 planets to win! More information on the trackpage!
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12 May 2012 16:41:25  
my first map. :cool:

1st 700p
2nd 500p
3rd 500p.

DL: 15 may Deadline timer: Click
Deadline: see my player page at bottom.

1st Luffy
2nd Wouter
3rd NKAc_Street
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21 May 2012 23:55:21  
I want to make a new contest and no one have post a contest in a very long time. except me. :-w
"and i dont want to post my tracks at blog anymore" even if that is the best place i think.

This time on a :cool: track with many transitions.
hope you like it....and have fun hunting down the 700 planets ;)

Winner gets: 700p
next to last get 300p

BrummHummel 00:39.401 must improve or pm me before dl to count.


DL: 25 may Deadline timer: Click

DL: extended til end of 27 may.
iam not that hard on the deadline, so i look the 28 and see the leaderboard ;)
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14 June 2012 16:37:16  
My best map. So i call it perfect, and for me it is perfect. 8-|
It´s a speed tech with some cool and challengeing drifts, and it starts with one, to get you into the right feeling, Quickly. :)

1st price. 1000 planets
2nd price. 600 planets
3rd price. 200 planets
4th - 25th. 100 planets

chuckie says:
Any coppers planets for the first to 44? 8-|

Okey (y) , First to 44 gets 300 planets.
If you want you can get coppers.

Deadline: 01 juli 2012.

Screen by: diplo "Thx alot" (l)

Good luck & Have fun.
Beetle Racer
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Get the money bitches! 21 June 2012 01:27:17  
Heyhoo :)

Since i have the strage feeling my maps get lost in nowhere i am gonna start ! :o !2! :o ! Planets Competitions 8-|

Prizes on each map:

:gold: :gold: 1.Place: 1500 planets
:silver: :silver: 2.Place: 1000 planets
:bronze: :bronze: 3. Place 500 planets

every time under 44:700 will get 100 extra Planets

every time under 57:800 will get 100 extra Planets

Deadline is June 30th 23:59 german time CEST + ?:$?

I hope you will enjoy hunting, gogo Guys :cool:
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(closed) Catacomb 24 June 2012 22:34:48  
Here you can earn some Planets also:

:gold: 500 Planets
:silver: 300 Planets
:bronze: 200 Planets
:done: nice idea: 200 Planets for a randomly competitor in the top20 (except me and place 1 to 3)..
Competition ends July, 08. 2012 23:59 CET
have fun

Thanks for you replays, guys...
Here are the Winners:
:gold: for Patriot
:silver: for »dawid
:bronze: for myself
random :award: for stevenamtaan and PsHyK
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10.000 Imperial Credits Competition 25 June 2012 14:56:37  
The track:

The prizes:

1st - 2000 Planets
2nd - 1500 Planets
3rd - 1500 Planets
4th - 1000 Planets
5th - 1000 Planets
6th-10th 500 each
+ 500 Planets to a random entry

The rules:
- post your login on the trackpage to participate
- deadline is monday morning next week

What else:
You can contribute your replays for the 1K-Project and be in the video:

Have fun!

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New blocks! 05 July 2012 20:44:31  
Planets competition
- To enter the competition you have to upload a replay on all 5 maps with the new blocks.

Your places you reach on each map will be summated.
Best possible are 5 1st places =>1+1+1+1+1=5

Top5 will get following prizes:
1) 5000 planets
2) 2000 planets
3) 1000 planets
4) 500 planets
5) 250 planets

Competition closed!
1) Zaitsev
2) Lexx
3) wormi
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