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Planet Competitions
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17 September 2013 20:20:04  
Weey Just got 17.99!(y) How to F can you cut .40 :d :d "Waiting for some replays":-w
Old Age Caravanner
18 September 2013 09:17:27  
Contest is closed!

:gold: ..... :gold: ..... :gold:

New map, new contest:

1st - 2500 Planets
2nd - 1500 Planets
3rd - 1500 Planets
4th - 1000 Planets
5th - 500 Planets
To participate post your replay and login!
Deadline: Thursday 26th Sept. (in the morning)


Last edited by Hans Holo, 26 September 2013 09:48:19
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
Mini Competition 19 September 2013 21:39:19  
A mini competition (15sec track):

:gold: 500p Marius89
:silver: 350p Wulfram
:bronze: 150p Nibor
Deadline: 26/9 20.00 CET

Any planet donation is appreciated (running low) :)

Last edited by coshank, 27 September 2013 16:55:53
Old Age Caravanner
19 September 2013 22:21:06  
First competition :d

The best 3 offline! records will be rewarded with:

:gold: - 1000 Planets (won by Marius 89)
:silver: - 500 Planets (won by pranksta)
:bronze: - 100 Planets (won by eriik991)

Deadline: Wednesday, 25 Sept 18:00 UTC+1

Good luck and have fun ;)
Last edited by .zapph', 26 September 2013 10:07:39
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
Fast enough? 25 September 2013 18:05:34  
AK-47 by   coshank

Lets do another one! :) Higher stakes this time!
(minimum 5 replays posted, else deadline will be pushed)
:gold: 1500p
:silver: 1000p
:bronze: 750p

One person between 4-10th gets 500p

Deadline: 10th October 20.00 CET!
Last edited by coshank, 27 September 2013 16:51:43
Old Age Caravanner
27 September 2013 10:28:24  
[Bad Track/Map Link]
Let's go for a little ride on a fast fun multilap track(y)

:gold: 500p
:silver: 200p
:bronze: 100p
First one to beat my replay (1'06.665): 100p => for wulfram

Deadline: 15th October 12.00 GMT!

Have fun ;)
Last edited by ranig, 27 September 2013 18:08:59
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
Hurry, you have just 2 days! 29 September 2013 23:07:45  
For this MTC I have built a map, which looks like a normal Tech-map: It's 1 minute long and it has 11 Checkpoints. BUT: It has 12 cuts!

I decided to do a
Planets Competition
Deadline: 01.10.2013 at 23:59 CET

Yes, just 2 days! Then I'll upload my replay. I will give the following prizes:
:silver: 500 planets for everyone beating the silver medal until deadline
:gold: 2000 planets for every replay beating the gold medal until deadline
:award: 5000 planets for every replay beating my author time
1st place: 5000 planets
2nd place: 2500 planets
3rd place: 1000 planets
at the deadline. Cuts are allowed. :p
Who is the best cutter?:d
Last edited by Marius 89, 29 September 2013 23:08:24
Moped Racer
24 October 2013 09:34:18  
For my first valley track released I wanted to provide some planets for replays.

Each replay uploaded gets 100 planets.
A replay faster than a 44.444 will get 150 planets.
And if you make it below 44.000, you gain 200 planets :)

Deadline: 01.11.2013

Cuts are not allowed, if someone finds one I will update the map accordingly.

Edit 01.11.2013
It is still possible to upload replays until midnight (0.00 CET) today.
So far there are two players which will get 200 planets, by uploading a time below 44 seconds.
00:43.462 Marius 89
00:43.753 inc
Last edited by tcq, 01 November 2013 09:28:20
Moped Racer
24 October 2013 18:38:55  
"bsrmanu3442" says:



download map

submit replay

no dedimania records allowed

1000 planets at the winner

contest will end on 1 november

Site Leader
Location: US
VIDEO RESULTS -- Rally of Molvania Planets Competition 29 October 2013 09:29:24  
CLOSED - Deadline was midnight GMT at the beginning of 1st Nov 2013


I meant to do this some time ago but work and real life interupted...

I've now (Dec 1st 2013) )assembled a full HD video (1920x1080) of the top five drives in all six stages along with intro and slow motion sequences... on You Tube (it's just over 10.5 minutes but worth a look).

Drivers that feature in the video are inc, ymce, ropesbart, pfm, wormi, myself and wait (in different stages).
The video features the same replay MT as the tracks and provide some pretty good screenshot/desktop opportunities.

If you want to access the tracks, replays or leader board use the TM Rally display and links (thanks pfm - great tool !)

I hope you enjoy the video.


Thanks to everyone that participated in the Rally of Molvania Planets Competition

All submitted replays were collated by pfm's TM Rally tool so that drivers that posted a replay on all stages had their overall standing for the entire six stages of the Rally of Molvania calculated.
The Rally of Molvania standings are here

Planets have been awarded to the drivers as follows:
:gold: 1st - inc - 10,000 planets
:silver: 2nd - ymce - 5,000 planets
:bronze: 3rd - Ropesbart - 2,000 planets

The special 500 planets prize for the craziest stunt or spectacular crash (where the driver still finished the stage) goes unclaimed.

I Hope those who took part had fun.
Thanks for the feedback and awards on the tracks - much appreciated!
Cheers (y) W'o'mbat
Last edited by Wombat, 03 December 2013 11:28:08
Old Age Caravanner
Location: AU
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