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TM Interview by wormi
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TM Interview by wormi 15 February 2012 17:10:44  

Welcome to the TrackMania Interview Project organized by me, wormi. This is a series of some interviews with all kind of TrackMania players from tmx starts to driving pros and tournament orgas to basic guys who play this game. The project was inspired by old Author Showcase Project organized in tmx but this one doesn't have anything to do with it; instead this is just my solo project. I do this alone, and therefore the

I will post the interviews by updating this post and making a new reply when a new one is out. You can also comment the interviews and maybe also suggest some ideas. However, if you say me "gogo interview me" or something like that it won't have any influence to my work. I hope that my wide knowledge about different scenes inside the game and numerous connections to people will help you to have something interesting to read!

:gold: Here is a list of interviews so far: :gold:
1. Shadow
2. NitroGuY!
3. SapphiroN
4. klovni
5. mr.hubby
6. LInsoDeTeh
7. Joost
8. ZopUH
9. KarjeN
10. riolu
11. Alex BF
12. shock!
13. Enai Siaion
14. wally
15. Marius 89
16. GanjaRider
17. darkpuddle
18. eyebo
19. Sic!
20. tween
21. shortz
22. MrA
23. Samuel
24. LoCoBuDDha
25. magic-wb
26. 20-100
27. Tamarillo
28. Sabre
29. frostBeule
30. Deejay
31. tcq

Have enjoyable reading sessions! At least I am curious to know more about other players, and I hope that so are you! ;)
Last edited by wormi, 17 October 2015 11:00:52
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
15 February 2012 17:13:24  
So here is the first one, and interview with... der-bozz alias Shadow, a German dirt driver! He is 99% stadium driver but as this will be published in three "tmx forums" you must accept it ;)

Click HERE to see the interview as a word file. There are also two pictures that Shadow told me to add (:

Last edited by wormi, 18 February 2012 10:07:00
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
17 February 2012 07:10:24  
Why not post these to the blogs? They'd make an excellent series. Much like the ones that were previously posted on the old TMX blog. :)
Deep fried
Location: AU
18 February 2012 10:05:19  
Hmm, I got some weird error. Do the blogs allow image files at all? I guess I'll stay here and make a blog notifications about this project.
Last edited by wormi, 18 February 2012 10:10:50
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
18 February 2012 22:43:45  
Great idea wormi, don't hesitate to do some more adverts for your project, as it has some great potential imo (y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
19 February 2012 00:08:07  
Drop me a PM with the error and I'll investigate. This series definitely deserves to be on the blog! (y)
Deep fried
Location: AU
19 February 2012 06:05:59  
Nice interview! I enjoyed reading it and getting more acquainted with shadow. I didn't realize he was der-bozz. I think I've played on a dirt server with him sometime in the past.
Site Leader
Location: US
19 February 2012 15:32:46  
Ok Forzyy, I'll edit the blog version's look a bit and try again later. I will send error message to you if something goes wrong :)

Thx for feedback all!

@riolu: I don't know where to advert but you are free to help me if you want to :p
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
24 February 2012 11:57:25  
Well, just open some threads on several forums, Maniaplanet, TM-Forum, etc.
Maybe even try to advert via Maniapub ;o
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
27 February 2012 12:41:04  
I managed to make this as a blog post now. The next interview will come soon!
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
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