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Competion Announcement : Unfinished Contest, A duo competition project
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Competion Announcement : Unfinished Contest, A duo competition project 19 December 2017 16:28:11  

I'm back Mania Exchange

If you're here, that means you saw my annoucement on my last map : For early 2018, I will organise a little competition to celebrate my 30th released map. If you are a talented mapper and you want to participate in a duo project, I introduce you : Unfinished Contest

The conpetition was inspired by this song : Casseurs Flowters - Inachevés. Here the translation of the intro :

I don't finish my sentences, I don't know full stops
I start in two days, I don't control fate
Nothing is good enough, I never finish anything
Half of the lines would be missing if I had to draw you something
In tribute to all the wrecked opportunities
To our stories dead before they even began
To the hours we let pass away, the friends we never called back
To the jobs I dropped, the doors I slammed
To everything I'll leave... "unfinished, unfinished
unfinished, unfinished, unfinished, unfinished...

Over the years in this community, my only regret in building maps was I didn't have a lot of opportunity making duo. That's why I will give the chance to 3 people to build 3 differents duo maps. BUT HOW IT'S POSSIBLE ?!:o

When the competition starts, I'll release a Canyon map of 15s that will be the first part of the duo. it name : Unfinished part 1.

The rules are simple :

  • Build the best second part of 10-15s to realize a 25-30s map.
  • Build the style you want
  • Make it respawnable
  • 1 month or less to build

    In summary, more details next month. 8-|

    There will be 3 winners who will form a podium :

  • The 3rd will have the 25-30s map released (2 parts) in the name : Unfinished part 2
  • The 2nd will have a 35-45s map released (3 parts) in the name : Unfinished part 3
  • The winner will have a complete 45-55s map released in the name : Finished

    If you want me to add planets in the competition, ask me if if it can be useful.

    All maps will have a different MT intro, I'll take care of the scenery, the MT and the validation time to gain time, ofc the winners can give his opinion about these to be satisfied.

    I publish the contest in advance to have suggestions to make the competition most available for all, for example if it's better to do it in January or February. This is an open contest and I'll take care of the majority of the work to not stress you out in deadlines. I want to inform in advance to see if there are any interested in this contest.

    Now time to release a new map, see ya(brb) .
    Edit : Here the map in question, took me some times to comeback after 1 year, would be great if you try it(y) :
    Last edited by airneko83, 22 December 2017 20:10:17
  • Learner Driver
    Location: FR
    20 December 2017 21:03:15  
    I'm in!:cool: Sounds fun!
    Crew Coordinator
    Location: US
    21 December 2017 18:40:19  
    Thanks eyebo !(y)

    If others people are interested in participating please leave a message here or in mp so I can evaluate the probability that the competition takes place or not, according to the number of participants:p .
    Last edited by airneko83, 21 December 2017 21:38:41
    Learner Driver
    Location: FR
    22 December 2017 03:14:55  
    Welcome back airneko :)

    I'd love to take part in the unfinished contest - may K ask what environment it would be in? (I'd guess Canyon but as I don't see any mention of it I'd rather ask)
    Buffer Overflow
    Location: DE
    22 December 2017 20:09:28  
    Evening Solux !

    Forgive me ! I forgot to mention the envi:$ . And yes this canyon my favourite one. It could be Valley but since the update I don't have the free Valley anymore:s . I add it on the first message thank you for the precision and hope it will not stop you to take part in the competition.8-|
    Last edited by airneko83, 22 December 2017 20:10:47
    Learner Driver
    Location: FR
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