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Location: Home  Find Tracks  airneko83's Tracks  Final Boss 
Track information Report track
Name : Final Boss
Author :
Author Time : 00:46.044
Track ID : 108609 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Race / Intermediate
Track Value :  111
Version : 22 July 2017 03:43:25
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 29 July 2016 14:59:56 Map Type : Race
Mood : Sunset Routes : Single
Length : 45 secs Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 6244 Laps : (none)
Emb. Items Size : 0 KB Parser : MX
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:45.198   Larentz 111 (100%) 14-01-18
 00:45.201   ErSykZer 106.56 (96%) 07-08-16
 00:45.261   asiermeister 102.12 (92%) 04-08-16
 00:45.450   CoreNite 97.68 (88%) 31-07-16
 00:45.626   400r_ 93.24 (84%) 02-08-16
 00:45.741   airneko83 88.8 (80%) 29-07-16
 00:45.776   Zack11 84.36 (76%) 22-10-16
 00:45.821   Jeanpeche 79.92 (72%) 23-12-17
 00:45.828   nüco 75.48 (68%) 29-07-16
 00:46.334   ZBluDriver 71.04 (64%) 31-08-16
 00:46.428   |[X-v]|SaFu 66.6 (60%) 12-08-16
 00:46.508   s i c 62.16 (56%) 14-01-17
 00:46.561   |[X-v]|Slow 57.72 (52%) 29-07-16
 00:46.866   sbone 53.28 (48%) 01-08-16
 00:46.870   Scape 48.84 (44%) 30-07-16
 00:47.141   donfetti 44.4 (40%) 30-07-16
 00:47.285   johnjohn55 39.96 (36%) 30-07-16
 00:50.605   MiniGod 35.52 (32%) 11-09-16
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
Aloha ManiaExchange !!!

Back for neko's monthly map. Today I continue the line of Holy Ghost, APOCALYPSE and The Machine. Dramatic anbience, mechanical design and challenging line, let me introduce you : Final Boss.

There is a pillar that has appeared on the road since the MP4 update:@ Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll release a new version in early 2018.

This is a reworked map I build before CSb¹»Phoenix, also intended as a CSb¹ map. Had the base since months, then I saw FT»lolig's map with the same transition I planned so I have left it out. No hard feelings, I'll put a showcase of this amazing map(y) . Back to this work, I wanted to give more than a simple hunter. I wanted to give it a soul, like my last work, I wanted to leave a mark on minds. So I give it the atmosphere of a boss battle.

Imagine you're in a giant robot and your goal is to desactivate all the CPs=p. The track is easy to finish and hard to master. Autodriftable with some tricky corners and chicanes, a mix of new and classic stuff like my previous map, the whole with the most intuitivity I could. In addition the robotic scenery and the videogame cutscene MT to dive you in your final battle. Good luck !

Big Thanks to Aircoco, 400r_ and Slow to giving me time for testing the map, especially the raceline itself 8-| .

If you didn't play the map yet :

Check out this great run from 400r_ (l)
Check out the outro from iamajellydonut(y)

:done: AT : 46.04 well, 45 soon.
:done: MT : cinematic intro, tutorial GPS and cutscene outro.
:done: Song : Overworld by Savant, amazing glitch hop, dramatical tension.
:done: Varied line, some manual drifts, autoslides, chicanes.
:done: Smooths transitions, like always.
:done: TGYoshi's curved blocks, repeat.
:done: Robotic scenery, like The Machine but cleaner.
:done: Respawnable for round mode.

HD Wallpaper : Classic angle, HD shades and blur with colour fx and a free typo : Lost in Future:p .

Some deserved showcases :

Perfect summer hit. Cool tech stuff by Aircoco, need more attention

Some crazy and solid work by FT»Mandark. Zack & Falkers inspirations

The map in question. Creativity and fun are the words from FT»lolig

20 awards, 500 downloads and a thousand of words ! You guys are amazing (l) . After Ready for the Weekend, I am finally able to reach 20 awards again. Big thanks to all !!! :

Merci Aircoco ! What a beautiful award(l) . You never write that much usually and it's pleasant to read ! I know you're not very familiar to english so despite the small spelling mistakes, I really appreciate your effort. You already tell me that you really enjoyed the sign transition but forgot to write it, so I'll just mention it here:p . I really hope you'll make a super time on it, thanks you again for this lovely award !

Merci medinaDesbois ! It's been a while I didn't see you, hi=p ! And you come back to telling me it's one of my best ?!:o Well what a pleasant surprise ! It was short but it give the effect. Merci encore !

спасибі ErSykZer ! Another familiar face, welcome back:cool: ! Haha, glad you discovered the GPS in this way:p . It had marked me that you said the term "delicious" for my previous map, so the term "perfect" is .. eh ... perfect ? But still remarkable. I'm glad I am one of those you trust, and very nice time ! asier told me .3 was the max, guess you maximize it !

Thanks you GrandPa ! To put my map on your server and to award it !:d;)(l)

Merci Zubi ! Like GranPa, you guys are the real MVP:'( . Putting my map on your server so it will be played by other players ... Big thanks !(y)

Mulțumesc FT»Mandark ! You always use nice words for my map:$ . I'm pretty happy about the scenery because It was built as I wanted and mostly it doesn't lag on my laptop:d . That straight finish line was build by luck, crossing the start with the jump and the narrow road. Sure it's not the most exciting part ^^ but It could feel like an escaping after the battle, when things are falling behind (that's why in the outro, the concrete blocks are shown). Well I'm not just crazy ... just using a bit of my imagination=p . Thanks again !

Danke Nitrono ! Welcome back (home) ! Glad you could come on time playing my map (little thought to ZBluDriver:( ). Here come the mighty award ! Well I have not much to say, because you said it all:o . You describe the map better than me, but it's better someone else says it so I really know what really matter. Finally, I'm glad I motivated you for some mapping-stuff because I'm not very good at oral motivating:$ ... I guess the best is to motivate by the mapping itself ! Hope to see some of your stuff soon(y) .

Mulțumesc TM Tube ! I'm happy you had emotions playing it, because it was the purpose of the building(l) . This is also my reason to play and build canyon stuff ... because it's the best envi:p triggered ! Lolig is definitively one of the most outstanding mapper. I really would like to play this map but unfortunately I don't have all the envi and the envimix:'( . However, thanks for the little advertisement;) .

Danke |[X-v]|Slow ! This time you came earlier so you can say more stuff:d . And yes the raceline is only one highlight, but what I wanted to say is that most of the testers only checked the raceline itself ... you was lucky to see some other highlights:-w . Anyway this one is definitively funnier and easier than my last work, glad you like all my stuff. The intro feel a bit short because the intro on the song took 50s and I shortened it. However it's still 31 solid seconds, comparable to my little phoenix's gem;) . The outro was my little challenge, tried different cams, some inspired by snake55wildcat, Voyager006, alternating between static and dynamic cams and the low saturation color is definitively a wink to s i c. What I just can say about music : I had emotions with, but maybe my music taste is a bit deeper (or weirder=p ) than you because it minor, it disharmony, it violent is the purpose of giving a boss battle atmosphere. Some of your stuff would feel more like facing a space rainbow unicorn=p . Next time, I'm open to your suggestions so you can propose and I could see your "stuff" :3.

Thank you johnjohn55 ! Wow ! So many awards ! So many ranking (l) (l) (l) ! I really appreciate your words ! Thanks again !

Danke donfetti ! For your first award !:) Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Dekuji Scape !
s i c : "Not bad?! You mean brilliant, awesome, stunning, incredible... or something like that. Must be a typo.:p". I was certain to have seen this already somewhere:d . Maybe less emojis but that could still means a great thing ? Thanks you again for your support !

Merci poivrot ! Definitively a science I enjoyed to handle:cool: . I know some old mappers find things I did now long time ago but still nice to use them and the overall could feel different .... So thank you very very much:p .

Merci sbone ! Once again, I'm glad you liked it;) by it originality and it MT. I really hope you could put it to your server when you have time because hunting is much funnier online=p .

Merci 400r_ ! Good to hear about the hunting factor from you:) . Well it was a short award but you delivered us a pretty nice time ! :o I guess took longer than expected. Thanks you for your constant support my friend !

Gracias asiermeister ! Great time !(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)

Thank you FT»lolig ! Yeah ! it was said ! Masterpiece:o ! It's so nice coming from you. As stated by Poivrot, I think I found something there, maybe the "right chemistry"8-| . Also glad you like the scenery, really enjoyed doing it. About the showcase, definitively the most impressive work you did this year, so it's totally deserved. Mhh I would say more things but but I'll stop there;) . Thanks again for this great award !

Dekuji Baxy ! Welcome back ! It's been a while:) . Me neither but I like to use my imagination for silly things=p . However it's good to hear these words from a great landscape maker like you:cool: . Like always, I bled myself in the MT but it was worth it. This curved transition is definitively an added value since this part was improved in the beta testing, thanks coco(l) . Can't stop finding new stuff with this single block. Hope to find more in next maps !

Danke |[X-v]|SaFu ! Hello mini-Slow=p seriously I'm glad to receive a new award after a week (And to be SO close to 20:@ ). This map is not the easiest but with some training, you could easily reach under 47(brb) . So I hope you the best to find the perfect raceline and to beat Slow who is not that ... slow ;) . Edit : Congratz ! You reach under 47 ! And in front of your dad(y) !

Merci ZBluDriver ! for this late but crucial award, marking the 20th one ! That mean a lot to me. What a huge block of text:o I'm still happy to read long review :
Music : Fun fact, the second choice was Bad Baws, in the same album. This one is closer to Mario and Bowser stuff=p .
MT : Thank you for these words ! Even it was my typical stuff, I tried to innovate a bit adding some new FX for intro, new colors for GPS and new cutscene for Outro (l) .
Raceline : Indeed, the straight transitions was intended to be enjoyed by everyone, with minimal effort and maximal fun. My previous work was a bit rough with tricky turns and transitions. And you're definitively right ! Apart lolig's map, the last work from Mir uses this transition at a dizzying distance and speed(brb) ! Mine is closer to lolig to be regu with minimum speed8-| .
Scenery : Yea, the giant robot idea was a bit ... farfetched+o( . I was really inspired by an old work : The Machine. So this one keep the industrial style but as you say, cleaner:build: .
Hunting : For me one of the most important part. So I'm glad you kept playing this map and submitted a great time(y) .
Conclusion : Thank you very much for this mighty award ! At the height of the 20th award of this map:'( . Never received so many:award: at once=p . I hope to keep building and playing this game to sometimes receive this kind of award:cool: Merci encore !

Thanks you Zack11 ! Glad you try back my last success, always nice to have your opinion on it8-| . The fact that you comfirm the map is fun and easy is due to this perfect balance that happen only once per year=p . r o o t s ! is the perfect example of this kind of map. Anyway thanks for playing and I'll be longer for my new map;) .

Danke s i c ! Been a while I didn't receive an award ... especially from you:o . A bit rusty to write an answer as big as your award but I have just one think to say : Thank you to award again my maps:) .

Thank you iamajellydonut ! A great transition that is also used in lolig's map on the showcase, if you want to try it:) . Thanks again for this award and the little video !
 Embedded objects5 Objects
Object Object author
CanyonCurve2.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformAreBorPlain.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatH.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatHTransA.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformBnFTransS.Item.gbx TGYoshi
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