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Mania Exchange information
Name : Knife's Edge
Author :
Version :03 February 2018 14:23:54
Uploaded :03 February 2018 14:23:54
Track ID : 135266 
Track Value :  24
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Track details
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyonMod : (none)
Map Type : RaceStyle : Race
Environment : CanyonRoutes : Single
Length : 2 minDiff. : Advanced
Disp. Cost : 3669Laps : (none)
Mood : NightVehicle : CanyonCar
Author Time : 01:53.411Ghostblocks :
 Offline records
 01:53.418  400r_24 (100%)21-02-18
 02:00.714  akilehad23.04 (96%)18-02-18
 02:04.358  sbone22.08 (92%)17-02-18
 02:29.632  asteri21.12 (88%)04-02-18
 02:45.942  eyebo20.16 (84%)06-03-18
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 Embedded objects
ObjectObject author
 Author Comments
Hi Mania Exchange!

Here's my new track called Knife's Edge, which is greatly inspired by the canyon roads from Need For Speed Carbon. Yep, the same canyons that should have been in NFS World as well before EA removed them for... reasons.

Anyway, this track is around 2 minutes long and mostly features canyon and underground roads. Unlike most of my tracks, this one is pretty tight and unpredictable by moments, so you may have some trouble in your first runs but that's part of the game!

Apprehension and concentration are the keys of victory. Anticipate each turn, look for any potential for improvement and you may be able to get the gold, or even the author medal. So, will you tame the canyons?

More details:

:done: AT: 1:53.411
:done: Canyon and underground roads only
:done: Fully respawnable
:done: Light scenery
:done: Intro, outro & ambiance MT work
:done: Custom music
:done: Screenshots: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

Planets competition!

I set up a quick competition on this track. Just upload your best replay here on MX before Sunday, February 18th, 21:00 (CET). If you're in the top 3 then I will send you a PM and ask you your Maniaplanet login so I can give you your hard earned Planets ;)

:gold: 1st - 7 500 Planets
:silver: 2nd - 5 000 Planets
:bronze: 3rd - 2 500 Planets

Good luck and have fun!

Time's up! Here are the final results:

:gold: 1st -   akilehad (2:00.714)
:silver: 2nd -   sbone (2:04.358)
:bronze: 3rd -   asteri (2:29.632)

Congratulations to everyone and see you on the next one (y)
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