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 B E R S E R K E R

by  chuckie  |  12
AT   00:47.237 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  165884 
 13 June 2019 19:21:59
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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Record User Score Date
 00:46.458  Suiram 12 (100%) 17-06-19
 00:46.981   Larentz 11.52 (96%) 15-06-19
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 Author Comments
Just a new track from yours truly. Nothing fancy:cool:

I hope you enjoy! :)

Many thanks to   eyebo.wp for the screenshot!

Updated 13.06.2019: Added more signs and changed some scenery.
 Embedded objects13 Objects
Object IX? Object author
C_ArrowRed.Item.gbx xrayjay
C_ArrowYel.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-Red.Item.gbx xrayjay
C_Checkpoint.Item.gbx chuckie
CanyonCurve2.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformAreBorFromN0.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformBnFTransS.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatN.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformToFlatN.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformToFlatN2.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CPlatformToFlatN.Item.gbx xrayjay
LargeRock1.Item.Gbx chuckie
LargeRockXXL.Item.Gbx chuckie
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