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Location: Home  Find Tracks  Trackmaniadude's Tracks  compaxix 
Track information Report track
Name : compaxix
Author :
Author Time : 01:19.982
Track ID : 166333 
Environment : Stadium / StadiumCar
Style / Diff. : Tech / Intermediate
Track Value :  0
Version : 16 June 2019 00:40:27
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMStadium Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 16 June 2019 00:40:27 Map Type : Race
Mood : Day Routes : Single
Length : 1 m 15 s Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 1797 Laps : (none)
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 Author Comments
I was looking at the MTC suggestions, and saw that one of them was to make a really compact track.

So I did that. The entire track fits in a 6x6x6 area.

Except for a single clip, but I don't count that, I'm not even sure if it's visible when driving lol.

Also, lighting the thing was hard.
 Embedded objects
Object Object author
S_2-3-4_1of2.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
S_2-3-4_2of2.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
RpltDiag-To-Plathill.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
RpltDiag-to-PltFlatSmall.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
edglesscpthenormalonewouldntfit.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopClipFixer.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopRoadHalf.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopRoadHill.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopRoadHill2.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopRoadQuarter.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopRoadQuarterPipe75.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
LoopRoadToPlatform.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
RoadGridCurve1.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
MainRoadNoEdge.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
ThinPlatform.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
RoadToEdgelessRoadGround.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
RoadMainToSteepHillStart.Item.Gbx trackmaniadude
RoadNoEdgeClip.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumGrass.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumGrassLowProfileCP.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumPlatformCornerWall1Opaque.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumPlatformGridCPLow.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadDirtBorderTeeAndEnd.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadDirtLoop.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadDirtLowProfileCP.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadMainClipRemover.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadSingleClip.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
TubeClipRemover.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
WallCurve2.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadSingleClip2.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
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