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 Dirt Offering

by  matto  |  0
AT   00:48.848 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
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 12 February 2020 13:39:19
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Hi there. I present you my first TM2 dirt track, a result of my first experience in the new editor. In fact, I used to play and build dirt tracks in TMNF, but I only decided to buy the new game a week ago. It's been fun to test new block combinations and transitions in the dirt domain, so it was natural for me to put them together in a track. Most certainly, I am not discovering anything innovative here, and the track may look rather standard for the experienced TM2 audience, anyway I'm really curious to know what you think about the final result.

About the track itself, it is around 48s long for good dirt drivers, it contains several jumps and drops and a few challenging turns, although the brake is probably only needed in one spot. There is also a loop which is usually a FS element, but I like how it breaks the pace in the middle of the track and introduces the final section.
The scenery turned out quite heavy, I hope I didn't get too much carried away with it. In my next works I am already planning to keep it lighter and build something which is more online friendly.
The mediatracker is absent since I cannot be bothered with it at this time. As I said, I am really curious to test this new (for me) game, and hear what you think about the results, so the MT embellishments are really not my priority at the moment.

I will appreciate any kind of feedback, so please leave a comment or a replay, thanks!
That will be all I guess. Have fun,

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