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 Viridian Forest

by  Mephistö.wp  |  0
AT   04:58.120 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  187825 
 31 March 2020 16:57:44
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300 years ago, a tree appeared in the middle of a vast plain...
Decade after decade this three didn't stop growing and its roots have started to cover all the plain to finally create a forest.
But years have passed and progressivly a fireflies and Forest spirits population appeared in the tree.
After seeing this, firelies and Forest Spirits joined their force to sculpt a way in the roots to finally return to the tree again.
Viridian Forest

Hey ManiaExchange:) !

Here is probably my last solo project before the new TrackMania, hope you will enjoy to play it !
Let me explain some things about this map :
This map is a 5 minutes Tech I built in approximately 3 months (with some breaks) where the main goal is to go back to the tree !
I decided to build it after playing an other time Piece of Mind from Keissla and seeing that there was not a lot of things on TrackMania during January / February.
I wanted to train my tech mapping in order to diversify tech turns I use to build.
Considering it I decided to built it in the 32x32 Stadium and etablished one rule : I was not allowed to use 2 times the same turn.
I built a yellow / green scenery with a lot lights to etablish an "enchanted forest mood". By example on the higher parts of the track you could find some flying Forest spirits which are there to show you the way until the tree.
I tried to explain the context I imagined on the MT, btw it was the 1st time I used the MT for an Intro ! Hope you will appreciate it ! Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks to step up, I have a lot of things to learn about it !(y):)

NB : I guess the map is a bit hard to discover even tough I tried to build as easy as possible.
The 1st minute of the map is a bit harder than remaining parts because at first I just planned to build a classic competitive track (especially between 35s & 50min)

Some facts about the map :

- GPS : 04:41:53 by Otaaaq:gold:
- 18k Coppers:build:
- All CPs are respwanable (Sorry there are 2/3 unsmooth respawns) :done:
- ESL Titlepack
- 20 Custom Blocks used

Video of the map by Lumix :


Thanks :

- Otaaaq for the GPS !
- Butifarra for the sick green nc signs !
- Otarus for the MX Screenshot, really clean as always ! :)
- Lumix for the awesome work on the video ! (and Simtek which sacrified its computer for this(: )
- OpenPlanet creators which allowed me to use as custom blocks as I needed !

A Map that inspired me :

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