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Track information Report track
Name : Tiger Blood
Author :
Author Time : 00:47.724
Track ID : 22 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Fullspeed / Intermediate
Track Value : Classic
Version : 14 July 2017 01:04:42
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Map group : SmurfsCup
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : Canyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 17 August 2011 12:13:34 Map Type : Race
Mood : Day Routes : Single
Length : 45 secs Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 6914 Laps : (none)
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:47.195   Keirabxtch 1000 (100%) 02-07-17
 00:47.293   asiermeister 900 (90%) 12-05-17
 00:47.350   Patriot 810 (81%) 12-06-17
 00:47.376   Jerome 720 (72%) 27-10-15
 00:47.392   HappyGorilla 650 (65%) 06-10-15
 00:47.406   Larentz 590 (59%) 28-01-18
 00:47.462   riolu! 530 (53%) 22-03-14
 00:47.473   dixon 470 (47%) 01-02-18
 00:47.485   Foiki 430 (43%) 22-11-17
 00:47.507   edk 380 (38%) 27-01-16
 00:47.534   RastaBobbyTM 340 (34%) 26-08-17
 00:47.553   oNio 310 (31%) 08-01-14
 00:47.561   7Alvin 280 (28%) 23-11-13
 00:47.572   Marco 250 (25%) 28-07-12
 00:47.588   |[X-v]|Slow 220 (22%) 06-08-17
 00:47.590   captain_cavern 200 (20%) 24-07-15
 00:47.591   The Boss 180 (18%) 09-03-14
 00:47.605   Lolita 160 (16%) 19-11-11
 00:47.605   tOMME 150 (15%) 19-05-12
 00:47.635   Nesrally 130 (13%) 07-09-14
 00:47.686   Furious 120 (12%) 22-08-12
 00:47.687   Jerem 100 (10%) 31-07-12
 00:47.688   Wubtastic 90 (9%) 18-07-17
 00:47.726   nevermind.xT 80 (8%) 25-06-15
 00:47.744   Porix 70 (7%) 27-10-12
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
I tried to put the speed in full speed. Red booster right at the start and off you go. Layout is pretty much oldskool Island. You won't find any narrow blocks in this map. Full concrete platforms and a loop+turnover. I hope it's not too big with 9k. Enjoy. :)

After seeing more fs maps we can conclude fs works in Canyon but I still think it works better in Stadium and Island. But time will tell. It's fun though. ;)

Track info:
-Style: Full Speed (no slide)
-Author time: 00'47''72
-Intro: :done:
-Outro: :done:
-GPS: :done:
-Podium: :done:
-Mood: Day



I also made a version for Tiger Blood @ GEEX

Please try the Stadium remake by Kristján :cool:

Thanks list:
Thx Kreayshawn :cool:
Thx Wallaby :cool: Thanks for your first TM2 :award:!
Thx Markus :cool: Lol next time Ill add a parachute for ya :p
Thx movo :cool:
Thx Mosseman :cool: Probaly many more and better than mine ;)
Thx Smety :cool:
Thx NinjAstar :cool: Glad you like the speed.
Thx eNks :cool:
Thx irondragons :cool: Oh Em Gee! Cheers ID :d
Thx Down :cool: ;)
Thx Nimrod :cool: Cheers :)
Thx Art :cool:
Thx Mr.Zogger :cool: Turn when you see a corner :p
Thx Jet777 :cool: Cheers for your :award: Warlock!
Thx eyebo :cool: Holyshitanium!
Thx wraith :cool:
Thx nospor2 :cool:
Thx pascow :cool: Cheerz! :)
Thx Venom :cool: Nothing is impossible! :p
Thx Zaitsev :cool: NT! :)
Thx Phil :cool:
Thx JonasO :cool:
Thx DiTThO :cool:
Thx ohei2 :cool: I really rather not feel.. oh you meant horse power in the car.
Thx GeorgeFeb :cool:
Thx kiffpilot :cool:
Thx Rast :cool:
Thx maphios :cool: Yeah turnover is tricky. I think I tuned it pretty good at 800km/u. Any faster or slower and the flow is gone. ;)
Thx Massa :cool:
Thx l94 :cool:
Thx zoom :cool:
Thx Osaka :cool: Thanks for your first TM2 :award:. Duh!
Thx zortx :cool:
Thx PachaRoyal :cool:
Thx Rasque :cool:
Thx SPIDER :cool:
Thx KEV Fan :cool: Lol cheers m8. :p
Thx finfin :cool: Fucking thanks! ;)
Thx elystix :cool:
Thx Chaldan :cool: Nah lots more to discover ;)
Thx Kriss :cool:
Thx Rilez :cool:
Thx hong :cool:
Thx Andisch :cool: Thanks for your first TM2 :award:!
Thx cephid :cool:
Thx gpt :cool:
Thx minimal :cool:
Thx JamesMallow :cool:
Thx Dave :cool: Yeah I hope they add more wide fs blocks.
Thx havoc :cool: Cheers :d
Thx Knalli :cool:
Thx Robert :cool:
Thx Poorly Taxidermied Fox :cool:
Thx Sinister :cool:
Thx BrummHummel :cool: ;)
Thx Duck :cool:
Thx VETMAN :cool: Bedank gast! :d
Thx GrandPa :cool: Cheers GP :)
Thx 5tarvin :cool: (l)
Thx Alioth :cool:
Thx axxik :cool:
Thx diplo :cool:
Thx ripbox :cool: Cheeeerz m8! :p
Thx Metal_Snake :cool: ;)
Thx Skilla :cool:
Thx LegionMG :cool:
Thx koektrommel :cool:
Thx DeFacer :cool: Yo Def! Thanks alot man. ;)
Thx occam :cool: You mean sheen fortold ;)
Thx TM man :cool:
Thx eXtracT :cool: Cheerz :d
Thx tal03 :cool:
Thx Green Lock :cool: Thanks for your first TM2 :award: Warlock.. I mean Green Lock!
Thx Criffix :cool:
Thx smok3y :cool: True cheers for your big award and kind words :)
Thx c2 :cool:
Thx bladewing :cool:
Thx Marius 89 :cool: There arent that many blocks for high speed but Ill try ;)
Thx dread :cool:
Thx HelloKitty :cool: (l)
Thx ZopUH :cool: Cheers m8!
Thx Hardarm :cool:
Thx jeffers :cool:
Thx senix :cool:
Thx FlowzoR :cool:
Thx HappyGorilla :cool:
Thx Blacer :cool:
Thx SenTineL :cool: I will cheers (y)
Thx Lamboghini_55 :cool:
Thx fng_thatoneguy :cool: Thank you Jedi! Cool to hear you're having fun on my track. :d
Thx remconieuw :cool:
Thx LoneRacer2011 :cool: Humble thanks :)
Thx ncaa_mac :cool:
Thx veiruz :cool:
Thx Hans Holo :cool:
Thx C4 Freak :cool:
Thx pitstep :cool: Thanks alot pit! (y)
Thx wormi :cool: Cheers!
Thx greuh_zbug :cool: Cheers!
Thx Jeffguy :cool: w00t 100th :award: thanks so much all!:d
Thx Space :cool:
Thx Fulax :cool:
Thx kruemelyeti :cool:
Thx nibor :cool:
Thx bladerunner78 :cool:
Thx shishigami :cool:
Thx Brow :cool: Cheerz!
Thx just-a-mapper :cool:
Thx Alexony :cool:
Thx The Bohemian :cool:
Thx nitro-united :cool:
Thx RachoVolker :cool: :d
Thx nap303 :cool: Wow nap those are some great words. Im really glad u like it. Cheers matey! (y)
Thx pshyk :cool:
Thx razh0n :cool: great! :)
Thx BlueSky :cool: wow cheers man :)
Thx mic27 :cool:
Thx stevenamtaan :cool: late awards are the best! :d
Thx Nesrally :cool:
Thx tigerpiers :cool: Thanks for 120!:$ (y)
Thx mickeysantos :cool: Cheers!
Thx Rammstein :cool: Wow! :d
Thx kadziolek2 :cool:
Thx Sqweegel :cool: Np ty :)
Thx crooms :cool:
Thx guusjuh00 :cool: ;)
Thx Sayo :cool:
Thx SuCCeSSoR-040 :cool:
Thx chalwhen :cool: Cheers. :d
Thx MaB :cool:
Thx Santino :cool: Good to hear it still works. Cheers. =p
Thx Hmm :cool:
Thx Roadkill :cool:
Thx .Lo« :cool:
Thx Houly :cool:
Thx kangroo :cool:
Thx FireRacer :cool: Cheers. (y)
Thx Graywolf :cool: (y)
Thx Blooper :cool:
Thx dr_achmed_brain :cool:
Thx Scape :cool:
Thx Reraver18 :cool: :p
Thx fabifink :cool:
Thx 7Alvin :cool:
Thx toinou669 :cool:
Thx Gorjat :cool:
Thx Adikey :cool:
Thx nevermind :cool: Awesome cheers. :d
Thx captain_cavern :cool:
Thx ToSop :cool: 150! (y)
Thx konixon :cool:
Thx s' :cool:
Thx Silverrogueman :cool:
Thx xp-rabit 2 :cool:
Thx TM Tube :cool:
Thx rusty511 :cool:
Thx dieManiaCs :cool:
Thx JigsAw :cool:
Thx Wubtastic :cool:
Thx |[X-v]|Slow :cool:
Thx frm09 :cool:
Thx asteri :cool:
Thx Deathspawner :cool:
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