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Track information Report track
Name : TriggerFinger
Author :
Author Time : 00:48.422
Track ID : 4048 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Speedtech / Intermediate
Track Value :  861
Version : 14 July 2017 01:05:05
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : Canyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 16 September 2011 14:36:02 Map Type : Race
Mood : Day Routes : Single
Length : 45 secs Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 6798 Laps : (none)
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:47.463   Migsub 861 (100%) 30-05-18
 00:47.482   Guillaume 826.56 (96%) 05-07-18
 00:47.565   davidator2014 792.12 (92%) 30-01-18
 00:47.572   Bruun 757.68 (88%) 09-01-18
 00:47.593   Larentz 723.24 (84%) 28-01-18
 00:47.607   Keirabxtch 688.8 (80%) 08-06-18
 00:47.660   captain_cavern 654.36 (76%) 26-01-18
 00:47.712   Jeanpeche 619.92 (72%) 21-11-17
 00:47.720   oNio 585.48 (68%) 11-01-14
 00:47.745   HappyGorilla 551.04 (64%) 08-10-15
 00:47.748   Foiki 516.6 (60%) 23-11-17
 00:47.785   iocto 482.16 (56%) 03-01-18
 00:47.822   7Alvin 447.72 (52%) 25-02-14
 00:47.845   oRAZY 413.28 (48%) 02-11-12
 00:47.847   edk 378.84 (44%) 25-02-15
 00:47.848   Mortex -745- 344.4 (40%) 02-12-17
 00:47.868   Patriot 309.96 (36%) 04-10-17
 00:47.918   MiniGod 275.52 (32%) 05-07-14
 00:47.930   Alexony 241.08 (28%) 13-11-11
 00:47.935   Lmb-willy 206.64 (24%) 11-01-14
 00:47.973   Overwerk 172.2 (20%) 28-07-12
 00:47.988   C4Freak 137.76 (16%) 18-10-16
 00:48.085   Ogre 103.32 (12%) 17-11-11
 00:48.103   fliegenpils 68.88 (8%) 12-11-12
 00:48.130   ToSop 34.44 (4%) 23-11-13
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments

Hi MX!8-| After some experimental tracks it was time for a serious track again. I made a Speed Drift this time (can't really call it Tech). Apart from the dirt slide at the start there are 3 drifts: a 270° GP drift, a 180° GP banked drift and a 180° platform drift. So it's only a matter of getting those 3 right to get a good time. Gl&Hf! ;)

Ps. First I made a FxCameraMap like you see in the screenie but then I found out you can't use a locator for it (d'oh!) so I decided to leave it out and replaced the picture with ingame text but the intro looks pretty crap now. :p You can still see the CameraMap in the video btw.

Track info:
-Style: Speed Drift
-Author time: 48:42
-Intro: :done:
-Outro: :done:
-GPS: :done:
-Podium: :done:
-Mood: Day
-Building time: 10 days



Thanks list:
Thankz! DeFacer =p Big cheers m8 I really appreciate it! (y) Btw the mt text was a bitch indeed. :p
Thankz! Nimrod =p Great cheers! :cool:
Thankz! RxeroX =p Yea once you find the best line then you will see the flow :d I tried to make this track varied and your words say I succeeded. (y)
Thankz! DrZuckerbrot =p I knew someone would fancy those babes. :p
Thankz! ripbox =p Cheers m8. But what u need a loop for if you have babes? :p
Thankz! Wofty =p Humble thanks.
Thankz! poOTinio =p Yooo poOt!! Good to see ya around here! :cool: And glad you like it. :d
Thankz! ninjadrybones35 =p Great words thanks. (y)
Thankz! LuckyStriker =p (l)
Thankz! oxidize =p
Thankz! 2bfree =p
Thankz! smok3y =p Hehe thats the power of minimalism for ya. But be careful with your nose! :o Cheers m8 :p
Thankz! fluffski =p Glad you had fun! :)
Thankz! Jet777 =p Cheers mate!:cool:
Thankz! hong =p And I am impressed by your award (y)
Thankz! GeorgeFeb =p
Thankz! Rochade =p I think that means 'drift or die' in english (hmm could be a good track name). Danke schön! :d
Thankz! Vitality =p Ty for very kind words! Glad u like the corner. ;)
Thankz! cicero =p Cheerz for sexy award!
Thankz! Blacer =p
Thankz! xavear =p
Thankz! DeMeNs =p
Thankz! stevenamtaan =p Great :award: Cheerz!
Thankz! RatedR =p (l)
Thankz! OLDA_X =p That means alot Olda thanks (y)
Thankz! Doctore =p Cheers!
Thankz! movo =p
Thankz! SkunkY =p You hit the nail on the head. I also like to see more easy tracks online. ;) Cheerz!
Thankz! stoney =p
Thankz! Hans Holo =p
Thankz! Ersatz =p
Thankz! pitstep =p Cheers pit! :d
Thankz! enemymine70 =p
Thankz! massa =p ;)
Thankz! Jonkster =p Cheers :)
Thankz! ZopUH =p Good to hear it works well in rounds(y)
Thankz! greuh_zbug =p
Thankz! nibor =p
Thankz! eyebo =p One step beyond! :p
Thankz! ohei2 =p Cheers m8 (y)
Thankz! kata78 =p Cheers :)
Thankz! c2 =p (y)
Thankz! DaCheCker =p Cheers m8 :)
Thankz! Alexony =p
Thankz! eckmeck =p
Thankz! Space =p
Thankz! RachoVolker! =p Cheers!!
Thankz! mickeysantos =p :d
Thankz! Nesrally =p Cheerz!
Thankz! tigerpiers =p Brilliant award! :d
Thankz! Sanscript =p
Thankz! occam =p
Thankz! diplo =p Cheers ;)
Thankz! Deng =p Ty lots :d
Thankz! Sayo =p
Thankz! Mr.DVD =p
Thankz! .Lo« =p
Thankz! Graywolf =p Cheers. :d
Thankz! ToSop =p
Thankz! sbone =p Np cheers mate! (y)
Thankz! xp-rabit 2 =p
Thankz! stealthswor =p
Thankz! mees_calin =p
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