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 [10th] Ausgeflippt

by  Marius 89  |  12
It's a start
Open to feedback
AT   00:47.687 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Beginner 
ID  53559 
 2017-07-22 04:43:15
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:47.583  Marius 89 12 (100%) 25-11-13
2nd   00:48.619  Keirabxtch 11.52 (96%) 25-11-13
3rd   00:49.942  Scape 11.04 (92%) 15-01-14
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[10th] Ausgeflippt

this is my entry for the Track Creation Contest for the 10th anniverary of Trackmania. ;)

Personally I play this game since 9 years and it still doesn't get boring. So I decided to take my time this weekend to enter a map in this contest. The map starts with a 14 seconds PF-start as the rules say. The car makes many flips "downstairs", therefore the name of the track. At the rest of the map I tried to be variedly in surfaces again, which means you'll drive on dirt, street, platform, grass, silver and blue turns. These are connected by different transitions. There is also a looping and a waterbounce-jump into the finish with another straight flip.
You could say, the variety in this map shows a part of the big variety, which Trackmania offers.

It is overall a fast map and in many turns fullspeed, but it has also a drift turn and a dirt turn, transitions and stunts. The map should be easily doable and finishable. Just watch out when you have to respawn at the last CP: After hitting the roof at the finish jump, you should do an airbreak in that case. I tried to use the new blocks a lot, cause they offer new unknown possibilities for me; so I experimentated a bit with them. The map's length is under 50 seconds and it has 3590 planets. There is some well-looking decoration beside the track and a lot signs to show you the way. In addition there is "TM10" standing twice on the grass. Have Fun!

Now some more information about the map:
Author 47.68
:gold: 52.50
:silver: 1:00.00
:bronze: 1:11.11

Intro :done: (a very short one with 4 scenes)
InGame :done: (loop-camera and tip at respawn at last CP)
Extro :done:

Shadows High Quality
Mood Day
Snapshot :done:
Comments :done:
Screenie :done: (don't ask me how I did this xD)
Planets 3590
track length ~3,3km

Good Luck and Have Fun!
I would be pleased about every feedback. ;)
Feel free to :award: if you like :d

I already uploaded another stadium on MX, why not giving it a try? :)

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