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Mania Exchange information
Name : Pinnacle
Author :
Version :21 May 2017 17:39:38
Uploaded :12 December 2014 17:41:34
Track ID : 76079 
Track Value :  17
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Track details
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyonMod : (none)
Map Type : RaceStyle : Race
Environment : CanyonRoutes : Single
Length : 45 secsDiff. : Intermediate
Disp. Cost : 8640Laps : (none)
Mood : DayVehicle : CanyonCar
Author Time : 00:51.640Ghostblocks :
 Offline records
 00:51.390  Larentz17 (100%)14-01-18
 00:51.588  400r_16.32 (96%)21-05-17
 00:51.600  iamajellydonut15.64 (92%)11-01-18
 00:51.912  Jeanpeche14.96 (88%)11-12-17
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
:done: Track is now upgraded to meet new MP4 standards, you can download it again for your servers. Enjoy!

Hello MX !

My last track for 2014 is out, and it's called Pinnacle !

This track is special for me. It represents the end of a great year, a year that I started with my tribute track Jurassic. That was a great step forward : receiving all those positive comments from the greatest mappers, that encouraged me to build other tracks like Unicorn Battle or Silver Striker, and to do better and better, day after day.

Of course, I don't forget my previous creations but for me, Jurassic is and will stay my biggest step in the world of mapping. That's why today I release something quite similar to it, as if I would close the loop. However don't get it wrong, it's not the same track. It's just the same style. All the track was built from scratch. Oh, and I also spend a lot of time for the intro :p

Enough said, here's some more details :

:done: AT : 51.640
:done: 100% autodrift track
:done: Fully respawnable
:done: Complete scenery
:done: Intro, outro, GPS, podium & ambiance MT work
:done: Custom music
:done: Fun, fun and fun again (y)

Five fresh 1080p wallpapers : 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

If you didn't watch the exclusive preview video of the track yet, please click here !

Before leaving, I'd like to thank all who supported me during this year. It means a lot, and I'll surely not be the same if you weren't here, so many thanks to you (l)

Enjoy & (in advance) Merry Christmas everyone ! 8-|

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