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 ToY RoC / 011

by  ET  |  0
AT   00:56.548 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
ID  92215 
 03 July 2017 20:40:34
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My TM2 Dirt-Map Series !
Version: 09/2015
Update: 06/2016

Track: ToY RoC / 011
Part of: TM2 ET Dirt Maps
Part Counter: 26

0:56.548 :award: Author
0:57.000 :gold: Gold
1:00.000 :silver: Silver
1:05.000 :bronze: Bronze

GPS is not needed
Music: Accept - Princess of the Dawn

Just try it and have fun ;)

You can play this Map and all my others on my MP(TM2)-Servers.
To find ingame, look for ToY at:
World / Europe / Germany / Hessen / Kassel

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