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Location: Home  Find Tracks  Arkive's Tracks  MTC - Dementium 
Track information Report track
Name : MTC - Dementium
Author :
Author Time : 01:01.924
Track ID : 112025 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Race / Advanced
Track Value :  10
Version : 12 October 2017 02:17:00
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 22 October 2016 00:49:09 Map Type : Race
Mood : Night Routes : Single
Length : 1 min Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 8444 Laps : (none)
Emb. Items Size : 0 KB Parser : MX
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 01:01.841   StereoGang 10 (100%) 22-10-16
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
MP4 UPDATE: Shadows have been recalculated. No other changes have been made. Unfortunately, the car's headlights will no longer flicker off anymore.

They say it appears to the lost,
Those who wander in the moonlight.

It's October! That means lots of spooks, scares, and terrifying MTC competitions! When I saw that the theme was very ambiance based, I had a crazy idea and went all-out in creating the environment. I won't spoil the details here, but let's just say mere fog wasn't nearly enough to satisfy my needs. The course itself could probably stand on its own, featuring tight corners in cramped spaces. It might seem odd, but there aren't any signs nor is there a traditional GPS. I think it's more thematic this way, which is what every aspect of this course is geared towards. If the map doesn't have a creepy atmosphere, then I have failed. Oh yeah, one more note: there are no jumpscares, so you don't need to worry about those cheap tactics.

- Ultra-scary quality shadows!
- Full mediatracker! Intro, In-Game, Outro, Ambient, and even Podium!
- 11616 coppers of terrifying scenery!
- Mortifyingly modified medal times!
- Custom music from Portal Stories: Mel!
- Sound effects from!
- A really cheesy story!
- Lots of claustrophobia!
- Zero jumpscares!
- Spooky stuff I'd rather not spoil here!

Good luck, have fun, and #GETSPOOKED!

Prefer Steam or want to see some fancy screenshots? Head here!

Get a feel for the course by watching my YouTube video! Alternatively, if you don't want all the fancy cams, you can watch this version instead.

Full Credits
12a - The Junkyards
Harry Callaghan
Portal Stories: Mel



PPPPPP (VVVVVV Soundtrack)

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Object Object author
C_Transition_R32.Item.gbx Dag@bert
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