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 PEC - The Vortex Project

by  luk-t-obk  |  10
AT   01:50.847 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
ID  158502 
 20 February 2019 21:20:56
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 03:08.075   eyebo.wp 10 (100%) 18-04-19
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Played in PEC Season 6 Edition 13.

Here we have my most ambitious project to date. It is a really long multilap for the PEC with equal amounts of dirt, tech and fullspeed.
The earliest prototypes of this map only consisted of tech and rpg, but the rpg wasn't good so I left it out. The second half of the fullspeed section, the downhill magnet section and everything after, originates from a later prototype, mainly inspired by "MTC'Pelusium by   Clearvision.wp, which was released 1 or 2 months before I started working on this (Yes, I am a slow mapper). However I quickly decided to combine both of these prototypes and connect them with some dirt to include all three main driving styles in my map. The last section I actually built was the first half of the fullspeed, which was really difficult because it had to connect both ends of the map, which were at the opposites end of the map. It turned out that building a long and essentially straight piece of fullspeed track is really difficult, especially if you want to keep it somewhat entertaining.
After the main layout was the main layout was good enough, I went through the work of extending or shorting some straights, in the fullspeed. I would have liked to extend the straights at the end a bit more, but I had to make some compromises to get back to the multilap.

After the layout was finished, I had a major problem. A lot of the dirt section was flying in the air, so I had to create blockmixed terrain for half the map, and that takes forever, which is a long time (especially towards the end). I also added in a fair amount of details, to make it look less like a huge block of dirt. I also put a good amount of effort into the signage, so that the route is absolutely clear in the mess of scenery. I also held myself back with scenery that is details near the track. Most of the scenery is either in the distance or really close to the track and guiding the player. My overall goal was to make it look like you are driving through a huge technical facility, which I think got to work quite well (considering this is not the rpg titlepack). The scenery is probably the thing I am the most proud of in this map.

The name of this monstrosity is a reference to the most difficult track from my favourite game of all time: The P-Mar Project from WipeOut 3.
Man, this description got way more labour-intensive than I originally wanted. Just like the map. Anyway, thanks for reading(y)

Hope you enjoy this map and have fun!:cool:
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