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 mtc ~ Block'n Roll!

by  SYNERGY.aerosol...  |  27
AT   00:17.046 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  83964 
 23 June 2017 16:37:16
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:15.567  Ne1ll 27 (100%) 28-10-17
2nd   00:15.858  gado 25.92 (96%) 11-04-15
3rd   00:15.907  SYNERGY.aerosol! 24.84 (92%) 07-01-17
4th   00:16.036  bcs'VividReamer 23.76 (88%) 11-04-15
5th   00:16.200  fred 22.68 (84%) 18-04-15
6th   00:17.010  |[X-v]|Slow 21.6 (80%) 26-04-15
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 Author Comments
Hey Guys!
Today i present you my first mtc entry!
I hope you will enjoy it...
The theme is this time 'Make us Laugh', so i decided to build a lol map, because Lolmaps have a lot potential to laugh, because the main focus is not the fludity and skill and perfect planned jumps or so. Ofc this track needs skill (yea, i know, it doesnt look so :p) and it is good calculated imo, but you have two tracks stunts in it.
Its contains basicly a hit which makes your car roll in halfpipe (its not complete lucky, you just need to focus the right point) then a drift and the a super-flip (makes somebody +o( i think :d). That was all :p
The track also contains:
A GPS with slomo and tips on the stunt points :done:
a Intro :done:

P.S. When you think, at first jump, the left way is shorter, cause the start is nearer on it, your wrong :p
you basicly jump to the right and you will leave the halfpipe on the middle.

I hope you enjoy, feedback and awards are always welcome, and you'll see me on the podium later :p
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