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  Alf Short Nr 447   Alfred54 CanyonDayRace30 secsSingleIntermediate    
  TMPW2  tantemarge StadiumDayRace1 minSingleIntermediate    
  Moose Track - Trackador  moose CanyonSunriseRace15 secsSingleBeginner    
  MarTyranide II  xtyranide StadiumSunriseTech45 secsSingleAdvanced    
  Loly Tunes  JINX StadiumDayLOL15 secsSingleIntermediate    
  Silio  JINX StadiumDayTech15 secsSingleBeginner    
  Gouadeloupe - De Pont A Pont  gouadeloupe ValleySunsetSpeedtech45 secsSingleIntermediate    
  Zrt - La nouvelle Lay're !  taraaf StadiumDayLOL3 minSingleAdvanced    
  RPG 1 test  Kussock StadiumDay64RPG1 minSingleIntermediate    
  TMU Desert A1  Sparkster ValleySunriseRace15 secsSingleBeginner    
  Beams Short#10  paulmittelstc3a4dt StadiumDayTech15 secsSingleBeginner    
  MHC - hircine`  Gui StadiumDay64Fullspeed45 secsSingleAdvanced    
  V003 Over The Hill  Demented ValleyDayMultilap4 m 30 sSingleIntermediate    
  Buti Canyon #25  butifarra CanyonSunriseRace30 secsSingleIntermediate    
  MHC - False Alarm  Buzy StadiumDayTech1 minSingleAdvanced    
  omegaLUL  lujowenru7 StadiumDayRace15 secsMultiple Beginner    
  Secret  C4Freak StadiumDayFullspeed1 minSingleAdvanced 1    
  MaYb3 FuN 4 ALL 20-7-18  derrapador StadiumSunsetTech30 secsSingleIntermediate    
  Quest Lagoon A4  Sparkster LagoonNightRace30 secsSingleBeginner    
  Snake Pass  Crazazy LagoonDayRace30 secsSingleIntermediate    
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