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  Slow, Deep & Hard by BrummHummel  eyebo«way¬ ValleySunsetTech1 minSingleIntermediate    
  Xmas 2018 - Lagoon 13  VMan_2002 LagoonDayRace30 secsSingleIntermediate    
  CCP#13 - Arctic Freight Hub  luk-t-obk LagoonSunriseTech45 secsSingleAdvanced    
  Dirty dancing v2  fourage StadiumDayRace2 m 30 sSingleIntermediate    
  PIRANHA  SLAYER StadiumDay64Fullspeed30 secsSingleAdvanced    
  The Thing  Mr.Bug CanyonDayLOL15 secsSingleIntermediate 1    
  Blockmix #2  sinio StadiumNightRace30 secsSingleIntermediate    
  Babylon's Gardens  Phantom51 StadiumDay64RPGLongSingleIntermediate    
  The Coffinshaker  Slartibartfast CanyonDayRace30 secsSingleIntermediate    
  orion new year contest #06  Olfboi StadiumDayTech30 secsSingleBeginner    
  TM-2-1 sapin   thomasparsi StadiumDayRace1 minSingleBeginner    
  TM-2-2 petit jump  thomasparsi StadiumNightRace1 minSingleBeginner    
  PR15  protystor CanyonDayFullspeed45 secsSingleBeginner 3    
  TM-2-5   thomasparsi StadiumDayRace1 minMultipleBeginner    
  SC010 WormDrive2  Demented CanyonSunsetOffroad5 minSingleIntermediate    
  Guy Môquet  sweedyspliff +1StadiumNightRace30 secsSingleBeginner    
  Short Tech #2  jedi_knight StadiumNightTech30 secsSingleBeginner    
  Sweet Short 30  nitro_s7 StadiumDay64Tech30 secsSingleBeginner    
  phantom||Mini#1  super2600 StadiumDayLOL15 secsSingleBeginner    
  donTM - Laisso  Donanko StadiumSunriseRace1 m 15 sSingleIntermediate    
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