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  Sentimientos  MorodoStyle CanyonCanyonCarDayTech1 minAdvanced    
  Styxx short 30  Styxx CanyonCanyonCarDayRace30 secsIntermediate    
  Flying high  Dolphin StadiumStadiumCarDay64Race1 m 30 sIntermediate    
  Your Choice  caansi CanyonCanyonCarDayLOL30 secsIntermediate    
  [RPG] Wipeout Fury  SLAYER StadiumStadiumCarDay64RPG2 minIntermediate    
  [LoL] aMAziNg mAp dEsiGn #3  Psclly StadiumStadiumCarSunriseLOL30 secsIntermediate    
  GA2019 - Stanislavski  Kousseau CanyonCanyonCarDayRace1 minAdvanced    
  A Short Challenge 9  allan_bruun CanyonCanyonCarDayRace30 secsBeginner 2    
  Lunatic bug cp  stupskiesel StadiumStadiumCarDayLOL30 secsExpert    
  First map  tr3izounet StadiumStadiumCarDayRace2 m 30 sBeginner    
  Nain Porte un Quoi  broco420 StadiumStadiumCarDayRace30 secsIntermediate    
  EWC - Une cuite de gingembre modified  xurlop StadiumStadiumCarDayTech30 secsIntermediate    
  GA2019 - Eurybia  Larentz CanyonCanyonCarDayTech1 minAdvanced    
  GA2019 ו Tranquilo  zortekpaul StadiumStadiumCarDayTech1 minIntermediate    
  GA2019 ו Exhale  zortekpaul StadiumStadiumCarDayTech1 minIntermediate    
  [BW] Night  Mariogalaxie StadiumStadiumCarNightRace30 secsBeginner    
  Here Before  caansi CanyonCanyonCarDayRace45 secsIntermediate    
  C029 Valley to Valley  Demented CanyonCanyonCarDayOffroad3 m 30 sBeginner    
  C030 Over The Hill  Demented CanyonCanyonCarDayOffroad4 minBeginner    
  C023 Scrub Hillclimb  Demented CanyonCanyonCarSunriseOffroad2 minBeginner    
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