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  Hands on: The Colors of »CSb¹  undef CanyonCanyonCarDaySpeedtech1 m 15 sAdvanced 8    
  The Colors of »CSb¹  undef CanyonCanyonCarDaySpeedtech1 m 15 sAdvanced 13    
  Simple 8  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayMultilap15 secsIntermediate    
  Bottleneck 1.1  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech1 minExpert 1    
  Bottleneck  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech1 minExpert 1    
  Cruise Control [ST]  undef CanyonCanyonCarDaySpeedtech45 secsIntermediate 2    
  Short Distance Nº 07  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech30 secsIntermediate 2    
  Short Distance Nº 06  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech30 secsIntermediate 1    
  Bluescreen Shock  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech15 secsIntermediate 1    
  Hillside Cup  undef CanyonCanyonCarDaySpeedtech30 secsIntermediate 1    
  Slalom Reloaded  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayFullspeed30 secsAdvanced    
  Short Distance Nº 05  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech15 secsIntermediate 1    
  You Want LoOoL 01  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayLOL15 secsIntermediate    
  Short Distance Nº 04  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech15 secsIntermediate    
  Short Distance Nº 03  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech15 secsIntermediate 1    
  Short Distance Nº 02  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech15 secsIntermediate 1    
  Short Distance Nº 01  undef CanyonCanyonCarDayTech15 secsBeginner 1    
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