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Showcase archive
rex.racer's Showcase for December MTC! posted by   FT»Osaka, 31-Dec-2016
  ?Air.? by   AR »Cyan  7
AR »rex.racer says:
This is a unique track that requires precision timing and positioning that you usually don't see in fullspeed maps. Great hunter :done:
Liftoff! posted by   Voyager006, 25-Sep-2016
  «Oxygen by   Skopje14  5
Restricted by the editor, restricted by the physics and restricted by the stadium. Yet, this speedtech track has seemingly no boundaries. Put your wings on and get ready to fly (brb)
Fredair's showcase from May MTC! posted by   FT»Osaka, 27-Aug-2016
fredair.esu says:
Unique tribute by the well known Orion.MLG to one of the best TM players out here,   shortz.
Superb work with combining elemets of RPG, Trial, Tech & FullSpeed, not many mappers can do that in one map. You just have to give this a shot, its transitions are very smooth & unique, the trajectory is very flow & the scenery is on point.
The attached video [4k, 60fps] is worthy to watch, especially due to the HQ music & the high level edit.

ps: if you see this   shortz, don't forget: Memes are Dreams
A late showcase posted by   eyebo, 04-Jul-2016
Sparco won the Paragon League MX Chase Mapping competition back in October 2015 with his map "[PLChase] Democratized". He's chosen to showcase this, his new duo map with the legendary   »RtA« wally. Give it a try!
Fredair's showcase from March MTC! posted by   FT»Osaka, 03-Jun-2016
iGn' | fredair says:
This map is an awesome fullspeeder by one of my favourite authors on TMX,   AR »Trex.Everything is one points. Easy to finish, great to hunt. It's a great example of how a raw fullspeeder should look like. Fast, heavy, hard.
Dodeka's showcase from April MTC! posted by   FT»Osaka, 03-Jun-2016
  Major Tom « mtc by   Dodeka  5
Dodeka says:
"Get ready for some fast, sweet slides and a nice atmosphere in this speedtech map, submission for the MTC May 2016: Flatlands!

Enjoy! :) "
Fredair's MTC Feb'16 Showcase posted by   haenry, 17-Mar-2016
An awesome fullspeeder with nice transitions, fast speed drifts and nice scenery by spX Seven and iGn' | fredair for the trackmania exchange DTC5.
Wisstem's MTC Feb'16 Top 3 Showcase posted by   haenry, 09-Mar-2016
  The Island by   Wisstem  3
"Welcome to The Island :) !!!
This is an old map but I already think it's one of my best and I really enjoy this idea to make a map on small islands which are surrounded by water.
I hope you will enjoy this map ;) :d !!!"
Fredair's Jan MTC Top3 Showcase posted by   haenry, 06-Mar-2016
"This is a map inspired by one of my favourite mappers v.neck. If you like transitional fullspeeders or want to play a more unordinary fullspeeder, test it. Jumps, Drops, Dirtsections, Wallrides, Loops, SDs, heavy scenery, a nice mediatracker and transition you have never seen before: this is mtc // wildtech" - fredair
Rex.racers January MTC Showcase posted by   haenry, 01-Mar-2016
  MTC - Lasagna by   MoniTor  6
This track has some great transitions and jumps that you don't usually find in modern fullspeed maps. There's a nice flow to it which is impressive because of the MTC theme this map was made for. It's a fun challenge for experienced fullspeeders
Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest.
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