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Showcase archive
Stadium FS! posted by   Racho, 16-Oct-2017
  Aqua Pura (Stadium) by   krismayhem  4
For the MTC September 2017   krismayhem stunned us with a hard tech track and then went on to build this fun-to-hun Mini-FS track.
MTC September 2nd place posted by   Racho, 16-Oct-2017
  mtc goaß (Stadium) by   FT»Lodec  1
With everyone focused on items and transitions,   FT»Lodec created this nice, flowing old-school tech track to remind us that you don't need much to create a fun track.
MTC September 1st place posted by   Racho, 16-Oct-2017
  MTC - Initiative (Valley) by   Lars  7
The winner of the MTC September 2017 is MTC- Initiative. Using only 9 different blocks, Lars created a diversified racing experience with this beautiful offroad Valley track.
MX Community has done it again! posted by   FT»eyebo, 05-Sep-2017
  Shoal No Mercy (Lagoon) by   MX-Community  11
A round of applause for the 10 people involved in this project who made the first MX Community Lagoon track! Give this fun track a try!
15 people made this! posted by   FT»eyebo, 07-Jul-2017
  A Tribute To MP3. (Stadium) by   forever.  18
Maps like this don't come along that often. Try this stunning collaboration between 15 creative Stadium mappers.
MTC June '17 1st Place posted by   Ozon, 04-Jul-2017
  [MTC] Valerian (Stadium) by   Podel  6
The Monthly Track Content June 2017 Winner is... this! A well calculated stadium tech map using the new magnet properties available in MP4. You might wanna try this out!
Winner of the MTC May 2017 posted by   Ozon, 16-Jun-2017
  MTC - Castle of Confusion (Valley) by   Marius 89  1
A map of the unusual kind, where you have to optimize your route through the many CPs which are distributed all over the map!
A Unique Atmosphere posted by   BushMonkey, 12-Jun-2017
  Sincerely... (Lagoon) by   Line»LT  7
  Line»LT returns with a highly atmospheric Lagoon track featuring a creative use of blocks and a smooth racing line. A challenging map that's worth a try.
Lagoon! posted by   Linkin|Alex, 30-May-2017
  Tropical Offset (Lagoon) by   Guerro  4
So with the release of Lagoon in ManiaPlanet, lots of fantastic Lagoon maps have already been released. Here is a great map by   Guerro that deserves some recognition - Tropical Offset! A speedy run through some great scenery, with tastefully made MT.
ManiaPlanet 4! posted by   FT»eyebo, 10-May-2017
  Time Attrack (Valley) by   BushMonkey  7
ManiaPlanet 4 is out! It's time to experience Valley with trains! Try this creative map from BushMonkey, who uses trains to trigger a time delayed route.
Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest.
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