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Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest or simply hand picked by Moderators, to spotlight tracks that deserve more attention.
Showcase archive

Tropical Offset (Lagoon)

 4 by   Guerro
 00:36.856 by   Ozon
So with the release of Lagoon in ManiaPlanet, lots of fantastic Lagoon maps have already been released. Here is a great map by   Guerro that deserves some recognition - Tropical Offset! A speedy run through some great scenery, with tastefully made MT.
posted by   Linkin|Alex, 3 years ago

Time Attrack (Valley)

 7 by   PangoLynne
 00:51.241 by   Minimariner
ManiaPlanet 4 is out! It's time to experience Valley with trains! Try this creative map from BushMonkey, who uses trains to trigger a time delayed route.
posted by    eyebo.wp, 3 years ago

Unified Theory (Valley)

 11 by   Solux
 00:43.438 by   Eyohna
I think I've got at least one track showcase lying around, so I'd like to showcase Unified Theory. Both fast and smooth, this Valley duo course offers creative transitions and plenty of fun.
- Arkive
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

[90MC - 2] diplo. (Stadium)

 4 by   iHq/fredair.esu
 00:34.063 by   CypherPC
fredair's pick: A tech map for the 2nd edition of the 90 Minute Building Contest.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

grey. love. (Stadium)

 5 by   Teaumma
 00:40.788 by   H0chy
  Teaumma's pick for winning the fourth edition of the 90 Minute Competition. A fast speedtech with a great mixture of surfaces!
posted by   Voyager006, 3 years ago

Validity (Stadium)

 2 by   juvo
 00:47.808 by   keby
Mostly tech, partly a fullspeed hunter with lot of potential to hunt a better time.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Locked In.MTC (Valley)

 6 by   Solux
 00:34.528 by   Larentz
A flowy transitional fullspeeder, built in a 15³ box for the March 2017 MTC.
posted by    eyebo.wp, 3 years ago

Aurora (Stadium)

 2 by   Keissla.wp
 00:58.268 by   Cocho!
In a stunning turn of events Keissla has taken no time to promote a recent track of his with the showcase award from his MTC victory. Go check it out!
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Burrito Style! (Canyon)

 3 by   Ozon
 00:54.271 by   Lars
Ozon's SiC showcase. A Canyon speedtech.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Take a Ride (Canyon)

 7 by   Plaste
 00:51.911 by   Iceman23
Classic canyon speedtech hunter.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago
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