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Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest or simply hand picked by Moderators, to spotlight tracks that deserve more attention.
Showcase archive

Sons of Lightning (Valley)

 3 by   Lars
 01:04.954 by   Mad.dox
A Smurfscup Valley map with lots of techy turn combinations.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Petrichor (Valley)

 10 by    eyebo.wp
 00:42.684 by    riolu!
A classic Valley sprinter with lots of variation.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

» Proximity « (Canyon)

 8 by   Jordeter
 00:47.764 by   Suiram
Atmospheric Canyon speedtech with cool transitions.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Empathy! (Valley)

by   Owen J
(none) by -
Owen's Sharing is Caring Showcase. A compact Valley tech map.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Autoskola (Stadium)

 2 by   >>Joy.Rcc<<
 00:56.192 by   bcs'VividReamer
A dirt track.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Rigidity (Valley)

 2 by   juvo
 00:50.514 by   Eyohna
A TM Snow track with ValleyCar.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

ExCeLLenT (Stadium)

 3 by   Eyohna
 00:42.794 by   Eyohna
Eyohna's Sharing is Caring showcase. A Stadium tech hunter.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

StigAcademy: KissKissBangBang (Canyon)

 11 by   pfm
 00:45.247 by   edk
One of the infamous pfm series "Stigacademy", with tricky tech corners and combos.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Moravian Nights (Valley)

 6 by   Beatinfected
 00:37.158 by   Eyohna
A Valley sprinter with a very interesting route and scenery.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Looper (Stadium)

 5 by   flash
 00:36.060 by   Eyohna
A classic Stadium fullspeeder.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago
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