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Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest or simply hand picked by Moderators, to spotlight tracks that deserve more attention.
Showcase archive

Serenade (Stadium)

 3 by   Legolas
 00:45.805 by   alpines
A speedtech hunter.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

SGS - whysoserious? (Stadium)

 2 by   iHq/fredair.esu
 00:47.876 by   TA Madzen
fredair's showcase for his Sharing is Caring submission. Masterfully crafted Fullspeeder with some challenging parts and in general a fun hunter for FS enthusiasts.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Original Hunt #001 (Stadium)

 2 by   pro2type
 00:23.115 by   *aAa* Clément
A Simple little hunter
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

The Gates to Newearth (Stadium)

 18 by   v.neck
 00:38.946 by   Switch
Another v.neck classic with amazing scenery and smooth + challenging route!
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Beartooth. (Stadium)

 3 by   spX Seven
 00:35.716 by   AR »Down.
Simple Fullspeeder with all it really needs.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

The cake isn't a lie (Valley)

 1 by   StereoGang
 00:43.101 by   Mad.dox
Stereogang's map accompanying his Sharing is Caring video!
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

MTC - Dragon (Stadium)

by   mr.gmmbearz :D
 00:27.806 by   StereoGang
MTC map with high difficulty. Try to beat the AT!
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Fallback (Valley)

 9 by   Voyager006
 01:11.822 by    eyebo.wp
Classic Valley sprinter with some challenging parts.
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

StarCanyonE1 (Canyon)

 3 by    Mr.DVD
 00:49.716 by   Mortex -745-
Interesting Canyon E-stage track off Mr.DVD's Startrack campaign concept!
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago

Job Export (Canyon)

 1 by   Ozon
 01:24.082 by   Lars
"Own map. 2-lap speedtech with a little twist. Easy to finish, hard to master."
- Ozon
posted by   Ozon, 3 years ago
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