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Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest or simply hand picked by Moderators, to spotlight tracks that deserve more attention.
Showcase archive

MX BASCO 2014 (Valley)

 29 by   MX-Community
 00:59.348 by    riolu!
We're proud to present our Mania Exchange BASCO 2014!
This map was built in a competition consisting of eight stages - Route, scenery, MT and screenshot - which explains why the map turned out to be so diverse. As a member of the MX community, it is a must drive!
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Screwdriver Night Fever (Canyon)

 14 by   Sayotoshi
 00:41.086 by   oNs
"An amazing, stellar track from a forgotten art - the art of wallrides, inversions and of the impeccable scale and insanity. Sayo has not lost any of this for a second and has provided one incredible adrenaline rush that proves that, Wallrides still have a place in TM!" - 55.
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Smooth Scriminal (Stadium)

 10 by   Zengo
 01:01.576 by   danos
"If by hunting means endless repeats and complete addiction, then this map should per definition be a prime example. Try it in TA - you won't be disappointed ;)" - Voyager
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Washed Out (Valley)

 24 by    basbaas»LT
 00:50.852 by    riolu!
"Even danker than his famous memes, bas comes out with a map where he tries to be an edgy f**ker by getting your car nice & moist. Why do drugs when you can play a good mape like this??" - Nitroguy
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Mushroom Compost (Valley)

 8 by   RobertK
 00:44.979 by   Minimariner
You're looking for a hunter in valley?
Then you have to try this track because it offers so much potential to improve your time and drifting skills. Additionally it delivers a great feeling due to a natural flow! (y)
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Unik (Valley)

 10 by   nickrev
 00:39.978 by   Nim
This map is a candy for all transition lovers! It's so well build and thus surprisingly easy to drive. Give it a try (y)
And also try out nickrev's other maps e.g. "Continuum by   nickrev, which is a whole different style, but at least equally good ;)
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

CompAct (Canyon)

 3 by   scareface3456
 00:51.880 by   gado
A tricky, yet forgiveable Canyon tech track with lots of hunting potential and a high fun factor. Perfect for online! It's scareface's first Canyon map too - What a talent! :o
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Cloudscapes (Stadium)

 11 by   agidd
 00:51.562 by   Keirabxtch
Did you ever want to drive a track above the clouds? Then this is the track for you. It's flowy, a bit techy and cloudy!
You might also want to check out "Frantic by   agidd, as he seems to be underrated a lot :o
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Le comproMix (Valley)

 8 by   erik[k]bxtch
 00:46.622 by   Marius 89
This duomap features a lot of tricky section, which offer great potential for improvement. Thus the track turns out to be a diverse hunter that even offers a lot of diversity- from dirt via platforms and roads to tunnels. PS: In a planet Competition you can even win a showcase (Deadline Oktober 1st ;) )
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Qapital (Canyon)

 13 by   Goldwatch
 00:39.271 by   Theuggen1
Although not succesful enough in the MTC to get a mention on the frontpage Goldwatch's tracks (a.k.a. TiredSmurf) are always fun to play, easy to drive on and nice to hunt. This map is a good example for it, cool transitions good line and still very huntable. Have fun driving on this one and also explore his other maps. ;)
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago
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