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Showcased tracks are tracks given extra visibility as they have been put into the spotlight on the frontpage of the website. Showcase slots are often awarded for competitions, like the Monthly Track Contest or simply hand picked by Moderators, to spotlight tracks that deserve more attention.
Showcase archive

Rocket Science (Canyon)

 11 by   tuutti
 01:07.698 by   gado
So this is a very old showcase that tuta won in a competition back in 2012 called MSC - whatever competition that was. Anyways, here is your prize. Enjoy it tuta. :p
PS: The map is a lot of fun to drive!
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Peruana (Canyon)

 8 by   Vitro
 00:43.188 by   gado
You're looking for a flowy, but challenging hunter, which is still easy enough for online play?
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Everyday (Valley)

 6 by   east
 00:40.736 by   Keirabxtch
This track is a challenging little devil you should have driven. It's a tight and tricky style, yet beautifully and flowy set together for a good hunt! Try it, it's fun!
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Phantasmagoria (Valley)

 5 by   Snake55wildcat
 01:24.573 by   Snake55wildcat
Heroes are those who don’t just accept the way things are
Now, which one are you, the driver or the car?
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago

Like Dust (Canyon)

 5 by   kaigundi
 00:35.487 by   RobertK
I present to you a small tech hunter played a few weeks ago in the Cyprus Cup with a first half consisting out of slow and really tight slides and a faster second half. Especially the section around the second CP is brilliant and breath taking if you are into tech! Give this map a few tries and let it grow on you. You won't be disappointed!!!
posted by   haenry, 6 years ago
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