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Thursday, July 17, 2014 (2528 days ago)
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 4 years ago
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Playing since TM Original, online since TMN ESWC, building since TMNF, releasing maps since TM2

Member of the Speedfun team Linkin, mapper for the ESL Speedfun competitions, helping admin for the Speed Mania servers, and a moderator here in ManiaExchange.

Mainly driving/building Stadium Speedfun/Fullspeed/Speedtech/Minitech. See ya!

Speedfun | Fullspeed | Speedtech | Tech | RPG | Lagoon

Duo Maps

"[Speedfun] Zest" with   Racho
"[Fullspeed] Excelerator" with   AR »rexine

2017 | Avg Length: 47.6 secs | Avg Disp Cost: 7063

"[Fullspeed] Carbon AX"
"[Fullspeed] Excelerator"
"[Fullspeed] Aero AX"
"[Lagoon] Tropico AX"

2016 | 16 tracks | Avg Length: 44.3 secs | Avg Disp Cost: 5508

"[PLChase] Impulse"
"[Fullspeed] Volition AX"
"[Speedfun] SFL Cruze AX"
"[Speedfun] SFL Fusion AX"
"[Fullspeed] C6H3(OH)2-CH2-CH2-NH2 AX"
"ESL - Ninjas!"
"[Speedfun] Illuminator AX"
"ESL - Redox"
"ESL - Omega"
"[Speedfun] Alphanumeric AX"
"[Fullspeed] Kinetic AX"
"[Speedfun] Zest"
"[Fullspeed] Equalizer AX"
"[Fullspeed] Synthetic AX"
"[Fullspeed] Holistic AX"
"[Fullspeed] Infinite AX"

2015 | 10 tracks | Avg Length: 40.5 secs | Avg Disp Cost: 5306

"[Speedfun] SFL Volt AX"
"[MiniRPG] Ruins of the Future"
"[Tech] ARS Adrenalin AX"
"[Minitech] ARS Mini 01 AX"
"[Fullspeed] Vengeance AX"
"[Minitech] ARS Mini 02 AX"
"[Fullspeed] Electrixx AX"
"[Minitech] ARS Mini 03 AX"
"[Fullspeed] Summertime AX"
"[Fullspeed] Intergalactic AX"

2014 | 4 tracks | Avg Length: 33.0 secs | Avg Disp Cost: 3065

"[Speedfun] Shift TM2 AX"
"[Speedfun] Halcyon TM2 AX"
"[Minitech] Hideout 01 TM2 AX"
"[Minitech] Hideout 02 TM2 AX"
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