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Friday, March 23, 2018 (1224 days ago)
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I released a tool based on Maxi031 one to create your own quests in your TM²/SM maps, MlSideQuests (GitHub).

I'm hosting several servers :
I'm mainly building "fun speedtech" maps, with many wall rides, tunnels/tubes, loops. Futuristic racing games are my favorites, hence why i'm trying to create tracks that aren't too much flat. My probably best track atm : "CCP#25 - Manifold Island" (starting at 0:53 in the video)

Previous one, "CCP#11 - Twinster Helix" (video).

I'm submitting almost all my replays, so if i never did any "clean" (for my level) run on your map, don't be surprised of my (very) bad time.
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