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Mortex -745- 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 (3590 days ago)
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Download all my TM2 tracks(42MB, organized by titlepack)

Check my maps for old TrackMania games:

TM Nations Forever
TM United
TM Nations ESWC
TM Sunrise
TM Original

ManiaPlanet 4 Update (May/2017):

All my maps are updated to ManiaPlanet 4. At the bottom of Author's comments on every map I left a link to download the old, MP3 compatible versions.

Personal taste, replays and feedback:

I like traditional racing maps with "TrackMania" factor added. Good driving line and stunts are things that turn me on. I prefer laid back driving with splashes of intensity over always-on-the-edge style.

I upload replays for every track I play as a way of keeping track of the tracks I play. I will send feedback if you ask me by private message.

My TM2 maps:

My tracks are usually off-standard, easy to finish, hard to master. Each of them has something different that makes them stand out.

Latest maps:

Classy straight-forward tech map:

Addictive SpeedTech on a yellow/black theme:

Lagoon map with long drifts that may please Canyon lovers!
Featured Map
Style: Fullspeed
Length: 45 secs
Vehicle: ValleyCar
WR:   00:46.295
   2 AZ ZyGoTo
 17     2
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