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BASCO 2014 Stage 3 - Start building!14 Sep, 2014

Start here to build a map for Stage 3!

As Stage 3 begins, the results for the BASCO 2014 Stage 2 are out!
I'm proud to announce that Adsun has won this Stage with an incredible close victory! 8.2 Points for Adsun and 8.1 for 2nd and the 3rd Place! Good job!
Congratulations ! :award:

You can check out the full results in the Stage 2 topic
BASCO 2014 Stage 2 - Start building now!07 Sep, 2014

The first Stage of the Mania Exchange BASCO 2014 is over
  • :award: The winner is ..... *drumroll* .... Tobbe, congratulations!! :award:

The full results can be found here.

Now it's your task to continue the first 10 seconds Tobbe has build, to bring us closer to the full final map!
Click the Hammer to start building. You only have three days! :build:

If you cannot find it, here's the link you're looking for.
MTC August 2014 Results & BASCO 201431 Aug, 2014

The final results of the Mania Exchange MTC August 2014 - New Structures are out!

Here are the top three tracks with the best "new structures":
Congratulations to the winners!

Additionally, there is an announcement to make for the next MTC:

The Mania Exchange BASCO 2014 will start tonight! Don't miss it!

Here is thelink to the forum topic
Knockout Map Building09 Jul, 2014
Just a request for maps. Since the Knockout moved to the multi-environment title, it means we are really short of Valley & Stadium maps for KO3 & KO4. We also opened up building for the new KO5 & KO6.

Please consider opening up the editor and producing some maps for the Knockouts.

Stadium - Valley
KO3 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO4 : Track length under 25 seconds (author time)

All Environments
KO5 - EnviroMix - Track length 45-50 seconds
KO6 - Laps - Lap length 55-60 seconds (should be easy style of racing)

The full forum post from Mikey on Knockout map making is here

Uploading KO Maps
o Staying logged in as yourself...
o Upload your map here: Knockout Upload Page


Thanks for reading, and bigger thanks for your maps ;)
More News 
MSC Winner showcase by Tuta (2012) Posted by   haenry, 11-Sep-2014
  Rocket Science by   tuutti  11
So this is a very old showcase that tuta won in a competition back in 2012 called MSC - whatever competition that was. Anyways, here is your prize. Enjoy it tuta. :p
PS: The map is a lot of fun to drive!
Perfect Online Hunter! Posted by   haenry, 11-Sep-2014
  Peruana by   Vitro  8
You're looking for a flowy, but challenging hunter, which is still easy enough for online play?
Everyday Showcase Posted by   haenry, 11-Sep-2014
  Everyday by   bolts27  6
This track is a challenging little devil you should have driven. It's a tight and tricky style, yet beautifully and flowy set together for a good hunt! Try it, it's fun!
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