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Supersecret Christmas event totally not related to this news 17 Nov, 2014

Ah, the latter half of November. Christmas lights are up (but haven't been switched on yet), leaves fall from the trees, it's Christmas in the malls (or is about to be)... What a great time to plot stuff right?

Oh, the header. Don't mind us, we are plotting something for this year's Christmas season. Stay tuned...

P.S.: You totally shouldn't donate planets to "adventcalendar"

EDIT (nov-23): huh, what's this? :o
ESL needs YOUR Techmaps for CPS and Go4!03 Nov, 2014

As you might have read, ESL has recently announced that they will run a Go4 for TM2 Stadium, from December until end of February. Since this period exactly meets the next Competition Premiership season, they've decided that it's the logical thing to use the same maps for both tournaments.

Because of that, they are looking for the community to create lots of Stadium techmaps, in order for them to be able to use the best maps available for both tournaments.

Check the forumtopic for more information
MX Background picture02 Nov, 2014
MX didn't have a lot of background changes lately (except for today) because fitting background picture are hard to find.
That's why I want to call your attention to this topic, so we can all together create or find good screenshots for the background.
The same background for years is boring! ;)
Storm & Stadium - Free until April as part of the road to Gamers Assembly30 Oct, 2014
Nadeo made an announcement which consists of good news and bad better news...

Forum discussion on ManiaPlanet
Blog post on ManiaPlanet

The good news
Anyone and Everyone has free unlimited access to the Trackmania² Stadium & Shootmania Storm multiplayer until the Gamers Assembly.

The better news
Gamers Assembly isn't until April 2015, its the best part of six months free access.

As you are here, there is a reasonable chance you already have access, but your friends or buddies in other communities will not know. Its easy to invite them by sharing the links below...

Steam DL:

Steam DL:

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  »Romeo must die!  j-a-mStadium1 min 17    
  Dezibel  oldhillCanyon45 secs 16    
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