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Latest News
BASCO 2014 Stage 8 - The Final Touch20 Oct, 2014

Now our route stage has received a visual upgrade. The scenery Stage is done!
Can you polish the visuals with the MT or create a beautiful Screenshot? CLIIIIICK

And now here are the results for stage 7. Congratulations snake55wildcat :award:

Find more details here

gogog, polish the polishing! :cool:
Knockout Map Building09 Jul, 2014
Just a request for maps. Since the Knockout moved to the multi-environment title, it means we are really short of Valley & Stadium maps for KO3 & KO4. We also opened up building for the new KO5 & KO6.

Please consider opening up the editor and producing some maps for the Knockouts.

Stadium - Valley
KO3 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO4 : Track length under 38 seconds (author time)

All Environments
KO5 - EnviroMix - Track length 45-50 seconds
KO6 - Laps - Lap length 55-60 seconds (should be easy style of racing)

The full forum post from Mikey on Knockout map making is here

Uploading KO Maps
o Staying logged in as yourself...
o Upload your map here: Knockout Upload Page


Thanks for reading, and bigger thanks for your maps ;)

EDIT: KO4 track length was mistakenly set to 25 seconds. - haenry, 12 Oct, 2014
More News 
Voy's Basco Showcase Posted by   haenry, 20-Oct-2014
  Smooth Scriminal by   Zengo  5
"If by hunting means endless repeats and complete addiction, then this map should per definition be a prime example. Try it in TA - you won't be disappointed ;)" - Voyager
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