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Latest News
MTC April results15 May, 2015

The results for the MTC April 2015 are out!

Congratulations to the top 3 :)
:gold: "MTC - Washed ashore! by //>>°Lars//"
:silver: ">MTC<|>LOL<|"Pott"shot by X-valley_Slow"
:bronze: "MTC-VIPER the Ride! by Fearless Freap"

If you want to see the full results, click here.
We now need your KO2 maps!14 May, 2015

Now that we have filled up the KO1 pool, we will focus on the Time Attack pool, KO2.

Here's the current amount of KO2 tracks:
KO2 - less than 25 seconds Canyon 100/100 :done:
KO2 - less than 25 seconds Stadium 45/100 :build:
KO2 - less than 25 seconds Valley 68/100 :build:

More details and how to upload your maps, can be found here
MTC May 2015 - Backwards Driving is here!03 May, 2015

This time we have an amazing trailer:

Check out the topic for more information ;)
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Latest Tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  ?ÐRE ¬ 2.7 *cut*  Onny Stadium30 secs    
  Iowa  Flighthigh Valley30 secs 1    
  Bad Karma 4 Groundless  Nighthawk Canyon1 m 30 s    
  Master Class  foudre Canyon1 m 30 s    
  orKs.Twitch #003  orKs_eSports Stadium30 secs    
  Trackmania - Infuriating pleasure XD  Ultimate Stadium45 secs    
  Ko2 ~ Shift  _firestorrm Stadium30 secs    
  MicroMachines_1_Basic  skunk2yalungz Stadium45 secs    
  PMC41 - Mode Platform  Keirabxtch CanyonLong    
  r o o t s !  s i c Canyon45 secs 5    
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Recently AwardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Faster [CE]  donfetti Canyon45 secs 2    
  Rollercoaster 3D  SLAYER Canyon2 min 3    
  Illinois  Flighthigh Valley30 secs 6    
  Impurity  massa Valley45 secs 10    
   ~ Rollo  fizik Stadium45 secs 1    
  r o o t s !  s i c Canyon45 secs 5    
  HB NIBOR  Scape»BCS +1Canyon45 secs 5    
  Californication  Mr.DVD Valley45 secs 10    
  Scarlett  Goldwatch Canyon45 secs 2    
  TrekkRats Contagion  chekov Stadium2 min 2    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  PF technical disaster  sonic-toxic Canyon2 m 30 s 2    
  Chevron Ultra Mini.4  Exhaust»BCS Stadium15 secs 2    
  StarStadiumC5  Mr.DVD Stadium45 secs 1    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  CPL - ComPuLsive too  poivrot Canyon45 secs 12    
  RiffRaff  nibor Stadium45 secs 10    
   Mr.DvD Mini 291  Mr.DVD Canyon30 secs 8    
  CPL - Massacre  airneko83 Canyon45 secs 8    
  Springfield  olddad Canyon1 min 7    
  DisTurbiA  X-valley_Slow Canyon1 min 7    
  Csb-one 1/2  mlokan Canyon45 secs 6    
  HB NIBOR  Scape»BCS +1Canyon45 secs 5    
  r o o t s !  s i c Canyon45 secs 5    
  The World of samjibe  Hulken_55 Canyon45 secs 4    
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Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  RiffRaff  nibor Stadium45 secs 108    
   Mr.DvD Mini 291  Mr.DVD Canyon30 secs 54    
  Chevron Ultra Mini.4  Exhaust»BCS Stadium15 secs 41    
  Csb-one 1/2  mlokan Canyon45 secs 37    
  CPL - ComPuLsive too  poivrot Canyon45 secs 36    
   Mini Nc 2  teisen Stadium15 secs 29    
  DisTurbiA  X-valley_Slow Canyon1 min 26    
  PF technical disaster  sonic-toxic Canyon2 m 30 s 23    
  Short mini 3  evertonarne Stadium30 secs 23    
  fB ~ Feathery  frostBeule Stadium2 min 22    
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