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Latest News
MTC March 2015 - The Public judging is open.23 Mar, 2015

The submission phase is over and we reached the biggest amount of submission since October 2013, which happened to have exactly 15 submissions too. :cool:

This month is the first time we try out the public judging system on an actual MTC. Last time we used it was in the BASCO 2014. For more details and how to participate click here.:)
The MTC is cooperating with ESL13 Mar, 2015

EDIT: Hurry up and submit your map. This time we will have a good competition due to so many maps, which is a rare opportunity to test your mapping skills!
The deadline is Sunday night. Gogogo! :build:

Yes that's right!
ESL introduced a new cup format: Author cups!
And this is the part where the MTC comes into play. As a winner of the MTC you will be chosen as author for that cup of the month. That means your winning MTC map will be played and additionally you can pick a few more maps of your own for that cup. Furthermore there is an (optional) interview, which will be featured on the cup page. How cool is that? :cool:

You can find more information in this ESL News and in the topic of the currently running MTC March, which is the MTC to begin with the cooperation.(y)

New colors!02 Mar, 2015
The Background has mutated!! :o

There was a hunt for fresh backgrounds and now the results are out.
So we'll cycle through the best findings in the near future. We begin with Zack11's amazing loop shot! Enjoy the fresh atmosphere;)
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Latest Tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  (Canyon Ext.) Caves  Brago Canyon45 secs    
  [FS~Down]  DontCare Stadium45 secs    
  TouwtjeSpringen  Sytraxx Stadium15 secs    
  Short Training Five  TheREco5 Canyon30 secs    
  VoodooMoon  *Gigpig35»BCS Canyon1 m 15 s    
  0141 VALLEY // MODE APOCALIPTIQUE // GPS  pinguin Valley45 secs    
  ESL - Ensemble.  Tona Canyon1 min    
  At the warning  Lanteam - Guerro & Lazer Valley45 secs    
  ?long track.TM²  heimatau Stadium2 m 30 s    
  [d²c] The machine I've become  Nikac0 Canyon1 min    
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Recently AwardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Mini Reef [RPG]  riishuu Stadium5 min 1    
  ( wilderness )  eie Stadium5 min 3    
  Tech Mania 2  Pato7forever²! Stadium15 secs 2    
  new dimensions  xacxa Stadium45 secs 1    
  HILLBILLY SILLY  johnjohn55 Canyon1 min 1    
  Pursuit - BlockFort  Nerpson StadiumLong 1    
  and - Showcase  DrHugs Stadium45 secs 3    
  schaf.made VI  »timmy Valley45 secs 1    
  21' || The Shortest Straw  sorrowcroatia Stadium2 min 3    
  Mr.DvDs 1000th Map  Mr.DVD +6Canyon1 m 30 s 15    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  StarValleyD3  Mr.DVD Valley1 min 4    
  Nunc est saltandum  Bitzer Valley30 secs 2    
  schaf.made VI  »timmy Valley45 secs 1    
  VoodooMoon  *Gigpig35»BCS Canyon1 m 15 s    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Mr.DvDs 1000th Map  Mr.DVD +6Canyon1 m 30 s 15    
  MTC - Terra 240495  NitroGuY! +2CanyonLong 6    
  schaf.made V  »timmy Valley45 secs 6    
  FLucTuaTion  X-valley_Slow Canyon45 secs 6    
  Wasteland Hunter #7  Exhaust»BCS Valley30 secs 6    
  Endeavour  Voyager006 Valley45 secs 5    
  HammerHead  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 5    
  Warrior  oldhill Canyon1 min 5    
  Killer  donfetti Canyon45 secs 5    
  Requiem  olddad Canyon1 min 5    
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Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  schaf.made V  »timmy Valley45 secs 140    
  Mr.DvDs 1000th Map  Mr.DVD +6Canyon1 m 30 s 82    
   sst ~ Bottich  SeRs Stadium1 min 75    
  Nunc est saltandum  Bitzer Valley30 secs 65    
  HammerHead  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 45    
  Wasteland Hunter #7  Exhaust»BCS Valley30 secs 44    
  Warrior  oldhill Canyon1 min 37    
  Killer  donfetti Canyon45 secs 26    
  FLucTuaTion  X-valley_Slow Canyon45 secs 26    
  Requiem  olddad Canyon1 min 22    
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