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Latest News
We need your KO1 maps!11 Apr, 2015

Some of you already saw it and started submitting maps, but it is time for a frontpage news.
We restructured our building plan for the KO groups and decided to finally finish the KO1 pool.
This is what we have so far:
KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Canyon 80/80
KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Stadium 46/80
KO1 - 40 to 50 seconds Valley 65/80
As you can see, we need more valley and even more stadium maps - each 40 to 50 seconds long.

More details and how to upload your maps, can be found here

Please help us finish the KO1 pool. Many players know every map of the KO already and it's important to get new ones for more fun.:build:
KO Times For The Summer03 Apr, 2015
Hello KO lovers,
due to the change from Winter to Summer Time, the evening schedule will be different.
We changed the GMT times of the evening, so that we Europeans play at the same time summer and winter.
Here is the timetable for the summer:
  • 09:30 GMT - 10:30 UK - 11:30 CEST
    MX Knockout - TM2 Multi Env

  • 18:00 GMT - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CEST
    SmurfsCup - Canyon

  • 19:30 GMT - 20:30 UK - 21:30 CEST
    MX Knockout - TM2 Multi Env

  • 21:30 GMT - 22:30 UK - 23:30 CEST
    TMX Knockout - TMUnited
Check your local times with :

For more details visit the forum topic.
See you at the events!
MTC March 2015 - Results01 Apr, 2015

The results for MTC March are out and I'm proud to present the top 3 maps here:

  • :gold: "mtc.::ZigZagKingdom::. by maxi031"
  • :silver: "MTC - Break the Standards! by //>>°Lars//"
  • :bronze: "[MTC] - Why is the Rum gone by Skellborn"

    The full results can be found here.
  • MTC April is out!31 Mar, 2015

    This will be my last MTC here on MX, so I chose a theme that will guarantee strong positive feelings. And what can be more positiv than laughing? (except hylis=p )
    That's why your task is to build the funniest map. Make us laugh!
    Find more details here.
    EDIT: I eliminated the April fool from this message. The MTC is real ;)

    The MTC March voting is still going on this night. So the results should be out soon (tm) :p
    More News 
    MTC March Showcase by Lars Posted by   haenry, 12-Apr-2015
      [PF] Elysium by   //>>°Lars//  35
    Every so often a new crazy PF map appears, stunning every Trackmaniac.
    "We combined our different building styles and ideas to create our longest, craziest, largest PF yet! Our main focus was to have as many combos and stunts as possible, while still keeping a high speed." - Lars/zack11
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      Connecticut  Flighthigh Valley30 secs 9    
      [PF] Elysium  //>>°Lars// +1Canyon4 min 36    
      giga short 0857  gigahz Canyon30 secs 1    
      [MTC] - Why is the Rum gone  Skellborn Stadium2 m 30 s 12    
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    MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
      CHUBBY  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 6    
      val.hunt~FS  Exhaust»BCS Valley30 secs 3    
      Slow's|>LOL<|01  X-valley_Slow Canyon15 secs 2    
      Pipeline of Dreams  Luporacer Canyon45 secs 2    
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       Mr.DvD Valley Mini 94  Mr.DVD Valley30 secs    
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    Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
      [PF] Elysium  //>>°Lars// +1Canyon4 min 36    
      Tims'Teaser  *Gigpig35»BCS Canyon15 secs 11    
      Connecticut  Flighthigh Valley30 secs 9    
      ACC ßaySickness  ramonster Stadium45 secs 8    
      ACC Flash Break  Waxx Stadium45 secs 7    
      Neutrino ~ FS  Exhaust»BCS Stadium45 secs 6    
      Simple Speeder Mini  eyebo Stadium30 secs 4    
      easy (Object-Collection)  olddad Canyon1 min 4    
      ACC - Curium  Areogon Stadium45 secs 4    
      ?TMM-Kill Me Heal Me¬TC15.  röa Stadium30 secs 4    
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      Tims'Teaser  *Gigpig35»BCS Canyon15 secs 122    
      [PF] Elysium  //>>°Lars// +1Canyon4 min 105    
      Slow's|>LOL<|01  X-valley_Slow Canyon15 secs 57    
      Simple Speeder Mini  eyebo Stadium30 secs 56    
      Connecticut  Flighthigh Valley30 secs 34    
      fB~ Antithesis  laxx Stadium2 min 31    
      Boosterless 8  Bitzer Valley45 secs 28    
       Mr.DvD Mini 274  Mr.DVD Canyon30 secs 26    
      Dirty Purity  Scape»BCS Stadium45 secs 25    
      raid zorro  ZoRro +1Canyon30 secs 21    
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