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ESL MX BotM FullSpeed cups - #3 April 27th19 Apr, 2014
Another ESL MX BotM FullSpeed cup is coming up: it will be played on Sunday, April 27th at 19:00 CEST.

You can sign-up for this cup until Wednesday 13:00 CEST. After this time you will be send the password of the cupserver, where this cup will be played in the evening.

The cup is played in two phases, the first one is Time Attack and the second phase is in cupmode.

The cup will be played on the following maps:

More information can be found on the ESL.eu website and on the ManiaExchange forums.
Trackmania Saturday!18 Apr, 2014
Before a reminder of Saturdays events and start times, congratulation to the Smurfs for making this weekend the Smurfscup 100th Canyon Edition, its sure to be a real party this weekend!

As European clock changes happend since I last wrote this news, I added what those may mean for you.

MX Knockout - Valley - 09:30 GMT = 10:30 UK = 11:30 CET
SmurfsCup - Canyon - 18:00 GMT = 19:00 UK = 20:00 CET
MX Knockout - Canyon - 19:30 GMT = 20:30 UK = 21:30 CET
TMX Knockout - TMUnited - 21:30 GMT = 22:30 UK = 23:30 CET

Just turn up on the server to join these events, but you need to be on time.

Useful Links
Read More About SmurfsCup and MX Knockouts.
ESL is looking for competition maps!29 Mar, 2014

With CPS13 coming up later this Spring, ESL naturally needs new maps to play this premiership on! That's why they're again asking for help from the community to send them maps, which can be used in CPS13!

Every tournamentmap has to comply with certain requirements. You can read all these requirements in the forumpost linked below.

The deadline for sending in maps is Sunday, April 27th. This should allow you enough time to build an amazing techmap (or maybe more than one), which you can send in to ESL! The ESL admins are looking forward to all the submissions they'll recieve from the community. This is your chance to get your map into this big ESL competition. So, open up the editor and start building your techmap for this event!

More information can be found on the forum: http://tm.mania-exchange.com/threads/2489/
Knockout Map Building19 Jan, 2014
We would like to request a special effort to boost the Knockout pools, we even have a brand new uploading system, which is outlined fully here: http://tm.mania-exchange.com/s/ft/2398

Uploading KO Maps
o Staying logged in as yourself...
o Upload your map here: Knockout Upload Page

The map appears in the Uploads List and also on your own maps list. Once approved we will move your map from the upload group to the relevant Knockout group.

Although the map will not be downloadable, it can still be awarded when people have played it during a KO event, and its possible to browse each pool and view the maps for each KO pool.

The following Knockout pools are open for submission

KO1 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO2 : Track length author time less than 25 seconds

KO1 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO2 : Track length author time less than 25 seconds

KO3 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO4 : Track length 35-39 seconds (Gold) , author time less than 38 seconds

We are really looking for Stadium and Valley KO1/KO2 maps so we can complete those pools, and move on to building KO3/KO4 ... This will help the environment balance for Knockout events.

More News 
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  [RPG] Mission Polaire  Spam.YoshiStadium5 min 13    
  Oh Really?  danodudeValley45 secs 5    
  [MTC] Diavalley  ShadiValley45 secs 2    
  GFC-Ruthless  winterStadium45 secs 7    
  GFC - Free  nimpStadium45 secs 8    
  [RPG]|Suburb  RapoStadium5 min 9    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Happy Easter!  Mr.DVDValley30 secs 7    
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  V-RAW 5  wraithValley30 secs 1    
  Formula TM - Delladromo Torino  PedroSierra44Stadium30 secs    
  TekII  sturmfuxStadium30 secs    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Sputnik  RopesbartValley45 secs 13    
  [RPG] Mission Polaire  Spam.YoshiStadium5 min 13    
  [RPG]|Suburb  RapoStadium5 min 9    
  GFC - Free  nimpStadium45 secs 8    
  GFC-Ruthless  winterStadium45 secs 7    
  Happy Easter!  Mr.DVDValley30 secs 7    
  Kick Ass.  roadrunnerValley45 secs 7    
  Box Of Piranha's  ZengoValley1 min 6    
  medina / Champagne !  poivrotValley45 secs 6    
  Back2Soon  thegigpig35»BCSStadium30 secs 6    
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