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#22 Rescue Santa22 Dec, 2014
#21 Reindeer Endurance Training21 Dec, 2014
ESL needs YOUR Canyon maps for ECP2/CSP1!02 Dec, 2014

As you might have read, ESL lately announced that they will run two Canyon premierships in February and March. In order to give all mappers plenty of time to create their maps (and the testers to test), they've decided to release the maprequest now.

Because of the limited amount of admins they have, they're also looking for map testers to help out to select the best maps. In the forumtopic there is more information on both subjects, though also feel free to check out the newspost over on ESL!

Check the forumtopic for more information
Check the original news on
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Latest Tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Downways  NSaneRacerStadium1 min    
  Just Do  MelSchStadium30 secs    
  Lucie  flashStadium30 secs    
  Ktrl fast - Italia  pedrolito_fobi_echellCanyon30 secs    
  Redrock® [RPG]   JurekStadiumLong    
  KTRL-MiniSpeedTek-#6  ImpaktCanyon30 secs    
  BorderLine  kiesStadium1 min    
  Blockmix 05  HadschinCanyon15 secs    
  Drop dead  fastndirtyCanyon1 m 30 s    
  [ Figth to the magic ]  SweedyStadiumLong    
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Recently AwardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Quick Gaze  RachoVolkerCanyon45 secs 13    
  Xmares  Dag@bertCanyon1 min 4    
  FS SHORT 001  Keissla»BCSStadium30 secs 1    
  C08-Dirt!  Mr.DVDStadium45 secs 4    
  Xmas14 Santa Claus   bridouCanyon1 min 1    
  Xmas14 The Santa Boots  pastis-51Canyon1 min 1    
  WALLABIES 5  wallabiessCanyon2 m 30 s 1    
  exotik - qqpp  ddbbStadium30 secs 5    
  mini forever 2  diploStadium30 secs 19    
  Map 01  d4rkne55Stadium30 secs 1    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Ghost Block One  Simply 1967 (kaffeehollic)Stadium1 m 15 s 1    
  StarValleyA3  Mr.DVDValley15 secs    
  A cup  fredleshamanCanyon15 secs    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Battle For Hoth  grimgorStadiumLong 9    
  ESL - Moon Dust  nevermind.xTStadium1 min 8    
  Winter Hills  haenryValleyLong 7    
  Citrus  thegigpig35»BCSStadium30 secs 7    
  ?* Winter-Hunt #1  apX. PhoenixStadium30 secs 7    
  Mountain lake  olddadCanyon1 min 6    
  pro'star #005  coshank»BCS Stadium15 secs 6    
  ESL - Tsuki Kage Mai Ka  CoasterZzStadium1 min 5    
  Xmares  Dag@bertCanyon1 min 4    
  Really Late.  FT»loligCanyon1 min 4    
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Best Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Christmas Mountain  ad'gadoValley1 m 15 s 63    
  Citrus  thegigpig35»BCSStadium30 secs 40    
  pro'star #005  coshank»BCS Stadium15 secs 31    
  Winter Hills  haenryValleyLong 23    
  Mountain lake  olddadCanyon1 min 23    
  Short RR Tech 25  roadrunnerCanyon30 secs 22    
  XmaSTwO  speedevolutionStadium1 min 22    
  ?* Winter-Hunt #1  apX. PhoenixStadium30 secs 19    
  Really Late.  FT»loligCanyon1 min 18    
  StarValleyC1  Mr.DVDValley45 secs 18    
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