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Latest News
New colors!02 Mar, 2015
The Background has mutated!! :o

There was a hunt for fresh backgrounds and now the results are out.
So we'll cycle through the best findings in the near future. We begin with Zack11's amazing loop shot! Enjoy the fresh atmosphere;)
MTC March 2015 has started!02 Mar, 2015

This month's theme is "Mixed Styles", in which you have to build a map using 3 different styles:
Dirt/Offroad + Fullspeed + Obstacle

Furthermore we will use the Judging System of the BASCO 2104 (or was it 2014? 8-| )

To check out the full rules and start building, click here.
gogogo :cool:
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Latest Tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Spech  NixGames24 Stadium30 secs    
  pourceuxquiveulent  odire selenien Stadium1 m 45 s    
  Valley - FARSHOUTE  kadaz Valley1 m 15 s    
  Technobvious  valoudu44 Stadium30 secs    
  Almoxed LOL 402  Almox Stadium15 secs    
  HILLBILLY SHORT BEAM  johnjohn55 Canyon1 min    
  Hercules! 4  Denny.xt! Stadium15 secs 1    
  (Multi-Envi) ValStai 06  Brago Valley30 secs    
  Pursuit - eXkingdom  skadi Stadium15 secs    
  Crank Road 2  Hulken_55 Canyon45 secs    
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Recently AwardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Knaky Short 3  Doc_Me4ik Stadium15 secs 1    
  cliff jumping  MrA Canyon1 min 14    
  10 Years TM - Canyon  Mr.DVD Canyon45 secs 15    
  SpringBoard  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 7    
  Hercules! 4  Denny.xt! Stadium15 secs 1    
  Archangel  basbaas»LT Canyon45 secs 15    
  Sparkster's Stadium A11  Sparkster Stadium30 secs 1    
  Tequila City District 19  tequilagoldx Canyon30 secs 2    
  El Baile  oldhill Canyon1 min 3    
  ESL - I want it all !  s i c Canyon1 min 13    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  SpringBoard  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 7    
  Tricky Sticky  wraith Valley30 secs 5    
  F.A.M.E.  Exhaust Stadium1 min 1    
   Mr.DvD Stadium Mini 61  Mr.DVD Stadium30 secs 1    
  Stages  zootie Canyon30 secs 1    
  above the clouds [FST]  sturmfux Stadium45 secs    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  ESL - I want it all !  s i c Canyon1 min 13    
   Mr.DvD Stadium Mini 60  Mr.DVD Stadium15 secs 7    
  SpringBoard  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 7    
  Tricky Sticky  wraith Valley30 secs 5    
  Alligator]V-7  lovedrift Valley30 secs 5    
  d²c Old School  airneko83 Canyon1 min 4    
  Waiting for summer  Keissla»BCS Stadium30 secs 4    
  Elementry School (NF)  nospor2 Stadium1 min 3    
  ESL - Best of!  Marius 89 Canyon1 min 3    
  4-6-1  Dag@bert Canyon45 secs 3    
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Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
   Mr.DvD Stadium Mini 60  Mr.DVD Stadium15 secs 50    
  SpringBoard  *Gigpig35»BCS Stadium15 secs 46    
  Boosterless  Bitzer +1Valley30 secs 43    
  ESL - I want it all !  s i c Canyon1 min 35    
  Tricky Sticky  wraith Valley30 secs 28    
  Heatedly  chrisotto Canyon30 secs 22    
  Hercules! 2  Denny.xt! Stadium15 secs 20    
  differentstuff 2  »timmy +1Canyon30 secs 19    
  Waiting for summer  Keissla»BCS Stadium30 secs 19    
  El Baile  oldhill Canyon1 min 18    
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