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Free to play Trackmania² Universal Demo11 Jul, 2014
Maniaplanet Universal Demo is now available at http://maniaplanet.com/

Free access to TrackMania² Stadium, Canyon, Valley, ShootMania Storm and all community-created content. Unlimited play for 48h after registration. Limits apply after that.

The blog post at blog.maniaplanet.com explains, but below are the key details that you need to know...

o 45 white solo tracks
o Access to the TrackMania² multi-environment title (Canyon + Valley + Stadium at the same time!)
o Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)
o Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)
o Up to 3 user made solo & multiplayer experiences

o 3 multiplayer ranked modes: Battle, Elite & Siege
o Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)
o Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)
o Custom Titles: solo & multiplayer innovative modes

All these features are available for free the first 48h for the environments you don’t own and then for an unlimited amount of time for titles with less than 100 concurrent players OR one hour per day otherwise.

Download the setup on http://maniaplanet.com/

Knockout Map Building09 Jul, 2014
Just a request for maps. Since the Knockout moved to the multi-environment title, it means we are really short of Valley & Stadium maps for KO3 & KO4 (and indeed Stadium KO1 maps)

Please consider opening up the editor and producing some maps for the Knockouts.

Quick Map Rules
KO1 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO3 : Track length 40 to 50 seconds
KO4 : Track length under 25 seconds (author time)

At the moment, we are not looking for new Canyon maps because there is loads already

The full forum post from Mikey on Knockout map making is here

Uploading KO Maps
o Staying logged in as yourself...
o Upload your map here: Knockout Upload Page


Thanks for reading, and bigger thanks for your maps ;)
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Latest Tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Lola  MrPloopsCanyon45 secs    
  Kimb0w  GinsStadium45 secs    
  Twilight & Shadow  BCSStadium1 min 1    
  DayBreak  KnalliStadium30 secs    
   [PMC] Natural Wall Valley   RibelionValleyLong    
  Ozzy Osbourne  PapalapupStadium30 secs 1    
  ?Amok?80K?  SchnykersCanyon30 secs    
  V Raw 14  wraithValley30 secs 2    
  lol Pi #.lol  extremm001Stadium15 secs    
  A CupOfCoffee2  jarjarbingsCanyon1 min    
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Recently AwardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
   Smoothy Blues.  roadrunnerValley30 secs 3    
  Dirt! Bonus Map  Mr.DVDStadium30 secs 7    
  AlpRallye03  RopesbartCanyon30 secs 8    
  Beyond  GoldwatchCanyon45 secs 1    
  Canyon Forever C5  ThrawnCanyon1 min 2    
  V Raw 14  wraithValley30 secs 2    
  Twilight & Shadow  BCSStadium1 min 1    
  Seamless  TGYoshiCanyon30 secs 14    
  >>BREEK-22<<  BreekStadium1 m 45 s 4    
  One Road More  Hulken_55Canyon45 secs 1    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  AlpRallye03  RopesbartCanyon30 secs 8    
  Cool tea diffy  erikfzrCanyon45 secs 4    
  V Raw 14  wraithValley30 secs 2    
   Mr.DvD Valley Mini 65  Mr.DVDValley30 secs 2    
  KO1 - Elevated Hairpins  AlcatorStadium45 secs    
  Two²  caerphotoCanyon30 secs    
(1 track per supporter)Show More 
Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Seamless  TGYoshiCanyon30 secs 14    
  AlpRallye03  RopesbartCanyon30 secs 8    
  C11 - DUO - SWAT  TMU@FUNCanyon1 min 8    
  Dirt! Bonus Map  Mr.DVDStadium30 secs 7    
  Hit it, heat it, eat it  poivrotCanyon45 secs 7    
  Levitate - FS  katerbarg12384Valley30 secs 6    
  >>BREEK-22<<  BreekStadium1 m 45 s 4    
  Cool tea diffy  erikfzrCanyon45 secs 4    
  TurboTasse-LOL  anyCanyon15 secs 4    
  rAwelly Yukon  AwesoOmeStadium3 min 3    
(1 track per author) All-time FavouritesBest of the MonthShow More  
Best Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Adrenalin-02  FlighthighValley30 secs 50    
  C11 - DUO - SWAT  TMU@FUNCanyon1 min 48    
  Dirt! Bonus Map  Mr.DVDStadium30 secs 46    
  Seamless  TGYoshiCanyon30 secs 40    
  Levitate - FS  katerbarg12384Valley30 secs 34    
  TurboTasse-LOL  anyCanyon15 secs 32    
  AlpRallye03  RopesbartCanyon30 secs 28    
  Wall2Wall  BCSStadium45 secs 22    
  Hit it, heat it, eat it  poivrotCanyon45 secs 20    
  Cool tea diffy  erikfzrCanyon45 secs 19    
(1 track per author) All-time top competitive tracksBest of the MonthShow More  
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