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Maintenence Complete!25 Jan, 2015
We have completed major site maintenance work (server move). With such a large change its possible there may be some things wrong or not working. Please report these on the 'Site Bugs' forum, and we will try and deal with them as best we can.

Thanks for your patience and for returning to Mania Exchange!

MTC January 2015 - Custom Cameras03 Jan, 2015

It's time for the very first MTC this year!

Custom Cameras
Your task is to build a track using a forced custom camera, which has a different perspective than the standard Nadeo cameras. You could create a helicopter cam, a backwards forced camera, a camera that is always locked to one position and doesn't move, a vertical camera or whatever you desire.

For more details check out the forum topic.

Hoping to see you in! :cool:
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Latest Tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Tw2.Ed13  figgiCanyon1 m 15 s    
  (BH15) Happy 2015  BragoCanyon45 secs 1    
  SpeedTech? FullSpeedTech!  schl3ckStadium30 secs    
  Elephant  NathanStadium15 secs    
  Very Short 17  H00kYStadium15 secs    
  Boldness  PatriotCanyon45 secs    
  LOVELY DRIVE  johnjohn55Canyon1 m 15 s    
  DevilDriver 3  SLAYERCanyon1 m 15 s    
  FUNSPEED-01  zopthepopStadium1 min    
  Vallyon 2  Dag@bertCanyon45 secs 1    
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Recently AwardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  (BH15) Happy 2015  BragoCanyon45 secs 1    
  ESL - Oblivion  th1ba0ltCanyon1 min 1    
  North Short Tech #10  coshank»BCS Stadium15 secs 3    
  Day Dreamer  Keissla»BCSStadium30 secs 4    
  grego  Alex BF Canyon45 secs 7    
  Vallyon 2  Dag@bertCanyon45 secs 1    
  B@d # 1  RRCanyon30 secs 2    
  Drifthunter 1  DeFacerCanyon15 secs 25    
  Express Mini 01  -Morte_745-Stadium15 secs 6    
  Mixed Pickles 9  Mr.DVDStadium45 secs 6    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Vapiano  coshank»BCS Stadium15 secs 7    
  Crazy Cooparation  Simply 1967 (kaffeehollic)Stadium1 m 30 s 1    
  Tight reloaded  sturmfuxStadium45 secs    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  BADASS  FalkersCanyon45 secs 10    
  grego  Alex BF Canyon45 secs 7    
  Vapiano  coshank»BCS Stadium15 secs 7    
  ESL - Stainless  lolcyberStadium1 min 5    
  Titan  FT»loligCanyon45 secs 4    
  Gloss Finish  *Gigpig35»BCSStadium15 secs 4    
  [rpg][Aliens Exist]  dadelStadiumLong 4    
  Day Dreamer  Keissla»BCSStadium30 secs 4    
  Best Testmap 2k15  TGYoshiStadium15 secs 3    
  [C.E] Huntfield 8  SLAYERCanyon30 secs 3    
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Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley
  Gloss Finish  *Gigpig35»BCSStadium15 secs 58    
  Vapiano  coshank»BCS Stadium15 secs 41    
  BADASS  FalkersCanyon45 secs 32    
  Titan  FT»loligCanyon45 secs 25    
  grego  Alex BF Canyon45 secs 22    
  seedy place  olddadCanyon1 min 15    
  Crazy Cooparation  Simply 1967 (kaffeehollic)Stadium1 m 30 s 15    
  ESL - Stainless  lolcyberStadium1 min 15    
  Sash Eight  sash4Stadium30 secs 15    
  Very Short 16  H00kYStadium15 secs 15    
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