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 Southwestern Monsoon

by  Toa Of Justice  |  10
AT   02:38.755 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  138637 
 05 April 2018 03:07:39
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 02:23.683  Nighthawk 10 (100%) 05-04-18
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 Author Comments
This track is vaguely inspired by a cross-country trip I took many years ago, when it rained in the desert! In this scenario, a heavy thunderstorm has just passed, but another thunderstorm is approaching. As lightning flashes on the horizon, you must make your way to higher ground. There are a number of deep puddles along the road, some of which are easy to splash through. You may need to drive along the edges of a few deeper puddles. Other hazards include a turbo-powered straightaway with a broad 180-degree turn at the end and a very dark tunnel (fortunately, your headlights will turn on as soon as you start driving).

Thanks to rafale for the special "Sky Alternative" mod with extra reflectivity for a wet road effect, as well as the lightning and thunder Mediatracker clips.

Thanks to SKleer for the Small Cliffs Pack, which proved to be a valuable addition to the scenery around my track.

Thanks to meuh for 6-1_Bayou, which inspired me to create the puddles.

Click here for a larger screenshot (1258 x 912, 1.39 MB).

Click here to find out more about monsoon season in the North American desert.

-Toa Of Justice
 Embedded objects10 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Cliff.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffCaveEntrance.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffCaveEntranceReverse.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffCaveEntranceTop.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffConcave1.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffConcave2.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffConcave3.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffConcave4.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffConvex.Item.gbx SKleer
CliffSmallFloor.Item.gbx SKleer
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