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Welcome to the Mania Exchange, for TrackMania 2!

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Latest news
Weekend Events posted by   eyebo at 22 Jun, 2017
Get ready for a hot weekend!
Mania Tech Wiki posted by   eyebo at 15 Jun, 2017
Introducing Mania Tech Wiki.

Xymph says:
This site aims to document technical aspects of, and technology in, the games in the Mania series by Nadeo (ok, and Virtual Skipper too). It is a very small wiki now, and because of its nature is likely to remain quite small too. Nonetheless, interested contributors are now invited to sign up and start adding relevant information.

More info in the forums.
MTC June 2017: Two Sided posted by   [Linkin] Alex at 01 Jun, 2017

The June Mania Exchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Two Sided - Create a track where at least three checkpoints must be driven through both ways at least once (forwards and backwards).

Find more information here: MTC June 2017: Two Sided
Find the submission thread here: MTC June 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:
Winner of the MTC May 2017 posted by   Ozon, 16-Jun-2017
  MTC - Castle of Confusion (Valley) by   Marius 89  1
A map of the unusual kind, where you have to optimize your route through the many CPs which are distributed all over the map!
Latest tracks All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  (MP4) FreakShow  Brago Valley45 secs    
  ?Sköll - HalfPipe  SkollTuborg Stadium1 m 15 s    
  Mini Slay 0019  SLAYER Lagoon30 secs    
  Trustissues.  veryu Stadium45 secs    
  Pa l'tan d'Nyuser  LuckyiiD Stadium1 m 15 s    
  LnA LoL#11  LnA Skylak Stadium15 secs    
  ?ÐE??@ MiNi LoL( ESL) 22-6-17  derrapador Stadium15 secs    
  AnnoyMe #03  Slartibartfast Canyon30 secs    
  Endurance - V1  Korysovec +1ValleyLong    
  urgocanyon55  urgo2 Canyon45 secs    
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Recently awarded All | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  ESL - Rendevouz  mdpoint-xT Stadium1 min 5    
  Can20  arnopam Canyon45 secs 1    
  BIG CROWBERRY  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 2    
  LnA LoL#7  LnA Skylak Stadium15 secs 1    
  Colored eyes  Exeqo StadiumLong 1    
  Waste Of Time’  Bytigato StadiumLong 22    
  + D e i c i d e  bcs'keissla Stadium45 secs 2    
  Isla nubar  zenyatta Lagoon45 secs 2    
  Night-a00 (short lol)  Aspirin Stadium15 secs 1    
  Valloon  Eyohna Valley30 secs 1    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  Lily Beach  ymce Lagoon30 secs 4    
  + D e i c i d e  bcs'keissla Stadium45 secs 2    
  NextGreenHell  MrSPACEmaniac Lagoon45 secs 1    
  ?Canyon? 2  mummieman Canyon30 secs    
  A03-Ultimate Challenge 4  Mr.DVD Lagoon30 secs    
(1 track per supporter) Show more
Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  Waste Of Time’  Bytigato StadiumLong 22    
  F-Zero Reborn  v.neck Stadium2 m 30 s 14    
  ESL - Rendevouz  mdpoint-xT Stadium1 min 5    
  Lily Beach  ymce Lagoon30 secs 4    
  From The FlamezZ  TA FlekzZ Stadium45 secs 4    
  Choo Choo  Beatinfected Valley45 secs 4    
  ``NUTZ! Nighthawk``  allan_bruun Canyon1 min 3    
  ESL - Kaltduscher ft Harni  Own Stadium1 min 3    
  BIG BOLWARRA  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 3    
  Lover in the Water  nitro_s7 Stadium30 secs 3    
Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  BIG BOLWARRA  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 3    
  Into The Big Unknown  Mortex -745- Lagoon30 secs    
  Lily Beach  ymce Lagoon30 secs 4    
  Confusion  donfetti Canyon30 secs 2    
  #Bonus-Bonus1  Elixio Stadium15 secs 2    
  F-Zero Reborn  v.neck Stadium2 m 30 s 14    
  Isla nubar  zenyatta Lagoon45 secs 2    
  Befastoff  Aspirin Stadium15 secs 1    
  K'mini - C - 5  Korysovec Lagoon30 secs    
  Mini Slay 0016  SLAYER Lagoon30 secs 2    
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