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Welcome to the Mania Exchange, for TrackMania 2!

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Latest news
Upcoming MX updates posted by   Ozon at 22 Oct, 2017
Hello MX-Community,

In the coming weeks and months we're going to be working on some design and system changes on Mania Exchange. The design of MX is based on the design of TMX, which itself is about 13 years old. This is ancient in the world of web design. We want to transition from being heavily focused on tables and long lists of information towards a design that gives you more relevant information, so you can find the tracks you want to play in a pleasant interface.

As the first of many steps, we've removed the right column on the front page. This contained the leaderboards, blog post listings and mx youtube links. You can still find all those things elsewhere.
- Leaderboards (also on the menu)
- Blogs (also from Users->User Blogs on the menu)
- ManiaExchange Youtube (also in the welcome post)

Since we'll be pushing updates one by one, you can follow the changes and bugfixes in this thread.

Thank you for your patience during this transitional period.

Mania Exchange Crew
MTC October 2017 posted by   FT»eyebo at 02 Oct, 2017

The October Mania Exchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Puzzle! - You need to build a Puzzle map with the Puzzle script provided by TGYoshi.

Find more information here: MTC October 2017: Puzzle!
Find the submission thread here: MTC October 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:
Stadium FS! posted by   Racho, 16-Oct-2017
  Aqua Pura (Stadium) by   krismayhem  4
For the MTC September 2017   krismayhem stunned us with a hard tech track and then went on to build this fun-to-hun Mini-FS track.
MTC September 2nd place posted by   Racho, 16-Oct-2017
  mtc goaß (Stadium) by   FT»Lodec  2
With everyone focused on items and transitions,   FT»Lodec created this nice, flowing old-school tech track to remind us that you don't need much to create a fun track.
MTC September 1st place posted by   Racho, 16-Oct-2017
  MTC - Initiative (Valley) by   Lars  7
The winner of the MTC September 2017 is MTC- Initiative. Using only 9 different blocks, Lars created a diversified racing experience with this beautiful offroad Valley track.
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  Alf Short Nr 372 MP4  Alfred54 Canyon30 secs 0(none)-    
  BIG PURPLE MANGOSTEEN  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 10 00:25.652  johnjohn55    
  Canyon's New Life in KurwaS Mountain Kkona  kulisa Canyon1 min 0(none)-    
  KO8 - I Hate Dirt Maps  MeKecek Stadium45 secs 0(none)-    
  Baggio  Titoine59 Stadium1 min 0(none)-    
  ?NUWTÊLA  lujowenru7 Stadium15 secs 0(none)-    
  Pursuit - BIG AREA  skorlok StadiumLong 0(none)-    
  nascasse cou*****  KookyTM Stadium30 secs 0(none)-    
  (MP4) Halleloopja  Brago Valley30 secs 0(none)-    
  Negative  DdariQ Stadium1 min 0(none)-    
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Recently awardedAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  (MP4) Hills  Brago Valley45 secs 1 10 00:42.185  OLDA_X    
  MTC - Aligned  Lars Valley45 secs 6 11 00:37.122  riolu!    
  Eleum Londor  v.neck StadiumLong 40 51 09:08.242  Dodeka    
  DetentioN  speedevolution Stadium1 min 2 15 00:59.513  -rampage-    
  TMNF E05-Endurance  Nadeo StadiumLong 2 17 56:08.398  |PT| CakeyFA    
  Not that hard?!  vinceTM2 Stadium45 secs 1 0(none)-    
  NITRO - Tech Jumper  LionTrackmania Stadium45 secs 1 0(none)-    
  Tribute alexeypritula  Radha Stadium15 secs 1 0(none)-    
  NITRO Simple Mind  OmnipotZ Stadium30 secs 2 0(none)-    
  NITRO Oklahoma  Buzy Stadium1 min 1 0(none)-    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  TrackMania Turbo Reloaded | #119  Mr.DVD Stadium45 secs 0(none)-    
  true tech | 16  bcs| Keissla«way¬ Stadium1 min 0(none)-    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  APOCALYPSE - THE END OF RA  guenni Canyon30 secs 4 16 00:36.656  GDBiLL    
  Muster the Mustard  MrPloops Canyon1 min 3 0 00:47.354  Clownshock    
  V e r s a t i l i t y [MultiStyle]   ziyx Stadium3 m 30 s 3 0(none)-    
  THE TOWERING INFERNO  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 3 22 00:25.574  Foiki    
  NITRO Simple Mind  OmnipotZ Stadium30 secs 2 0(none)-    
  urgocanyon79  urgo2 Canyon45 secs 2 25 00:47.308  urgo2    
  Sience Fiction City  SLAYER Canyon30 secs 2 21 00:28.687  huebiman    
  Alf Short Nr 372 MP4  Alfred54 Canyon30 secs 1 11 00:30.372  Alfred54    
  (MP4) Hills  Brago Valley45 secs 1 10 00:42.185  OLDA_X    
  Not that hard?!  vinceTM2 Stadium45 secs 1 0(none)-    
Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  urgocanyon79  urgo2 Canyon45 secs 2 25 00:47.308  urgo2    
  THE TOWERING INFERNO  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 3 22 00:25.574  Foiki    
  Sience Fiction City  SLAYER Canyon30 secs 2 21 00:28.687  huebiman    
  Easy Limit Six  Aspirin Stadium15 secs 1 17 00:06.541  SmokeDrive    
  APOCALYPSE - THE END OF RA  guenni Canyon30 secs 4 16 00:36.656  GDBiLL    
  Can46  arnopam Canyon45 secs 1 16 00:44.676  urgo2    
  lel1  iocto Canyon30 secs 1 15 00:26.744  huebiman    
  SpeedRace051  lau78 Stadium45 secs 15 00:51.688  Clearvision    
   Uncharted pirates bay   TooCat7 Canyon3 min 1 15 02:41.058  Ne1ll    
  Umpf  MrPloops Canyon30 secs 2 12 00:38.156  johnjohn55    
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