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The Team

Here's the team behind the site, their roles and a little bit about themselves...

If you got a (serious) MX-related issue, feel free to contact us.

  ForzyyDeep fried
Site Support
I'm a huge Apple fanboy. I now own an iPhone again. God damnit!
  MrASurely Retired
Site Support
Still like building things
  TGYoshiSegmentation fault
Site Support
I'm a huge Microsoft fanboy.
  Ozon site development, media
Lead Developer
video producer, community manager, aerospace engineering student, 23y, germany
  eyebo.wpCoordinatorTrack Designer & Mesh Modeler Enthusiast
  SoluxBuffer Overflow
Maintaining and developing interaction with maps, replays and more - trying to enable cool future features for MX
  ArkesTMfreewheeling memes
StarTrack² project host. Future MX-community related projects creator. NewNations campaigns creator.
  RachoCrew SupportHosted MTCs for a while, now I'm just here to help...
  MX Moderator...Moderator
  MikeyCrew Support
Primary KO Admin & map tester, occasional event host/judge.
  RealspaceBackup Host
  DommyIn-game Developer
Maintaining the in-game MX browser available on the "exchange" manialink and developing the Knockout v2 game mode for future MX KO events.
  AR »rexineHost
  ArkiveMTC Host
Aspiring software engineer and all-around idiot. I do MTC stuff sometimes.
Helping out with the graphics on the site such as logos, banners and general site design stuff.
  bcs| JR1988Crew Support
  Voyager006HostHost of the MX Knockout in Valley at selected Tuesdays.
  akiliyh.nc90MC Admin
90MC Admin - host/judge for some other stuff like MTC or CCP/CCH ;)
  florenziusDesignerKO11 (TrackMania One) judge and organizer as well as site designer.
Friends of Mania-Exchange
The following people used to be part of our team, thanks for your stay!
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