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User Information
Username :   eyebo (15)
Registered : Wednesday, August 17, 2011 (2052 days ago)
Rank : Crew Coordinator
Website : (Website not specified)
Location : (Location not specified)
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User Comments
Community Projects:
"mx Crew on Canyon 1" (built a part)
"MX BASCO 2012" (judged & made mt work)
"District 25" (started and led project, also built a part)
"»LT On Ice" (built a part and helped push project to completion)
"Q Bot" (built two parts)

TM2 Collaborations:
"Bacon and Eggs (MTC) by   eyebo & Cipher
"KO3 - Midday Madness by   adsun & eyebo
"Discoke by   eyebo & TimaE
"Celer Compleo II by   eyebo & Kent
"TGC2.ForestClash by   tcq & eyebo
"Siula Grande by   Line»LT, Poco, & eyebo
"Oculomitosis by   eyebo & metoxys
"PMC43 - WilboVillage by   eyebo & nervousWillow

Some checkpoints on this journey with Nadeo's games...
Started playing TM Nations ESWC. I was 24 years old.
Focused on Nadeo tracks. Played LAN mode with friends.

12- Bought TM United

02- Joined TMX
04- Upgraded to TM United Forever
07- Released my first video, Unintentional Stunts
09- Played UL4 tracks. Fell in love with Tech.
11- Released "Arcania". It gets showcased on TMX front page.
11- Participated in StarTrack by beta testing maps

03- Competed in UL5 with SFFN
05- Participated in first MTC with "Path Constriction"
05- Competed in SL6 with SFFN
07- Started "7 Day Challenge" to build 28 tracks in 7 days. 1 in each environment and mood.
10- Got asked to judge the first of many MTCs
12- Given Admin privileges on TMX PlayPal Online

04- Accepted into LazyTrackers, one of TMUs top tracking teams
05- Invited to become a moderator on TMX United
12- Won :award: for "Friendliest Face on TMX" (UCA 2010)

02- Released 10,000, which becomes my most awarded United map
05- Invited by Nadeo to fly to E3 to represent the community and play Canyon early
07- Participated in Canyon closed beta
08- Preordered Canyon with early access to public beta
08- Released first Canyon map, "Tortilla Chip Raceway"
09- Invited to become a moderator on MX
09- Canyon released
10- Contributed to GEEX 2011 Public LAN Tournament with "Life Elevated"
11- One of 7 authors to win the XR 5th Anniversary Contest with "Jackalope Jumble"
11- Took over as Site Leader on TMX United

03- Contributed to Zotac Cup with "Just A Wee Bit Off (ZOTAC)" & "When Life Gives You Lemons (ZOTAC)"
04- Contributed to Zotac Cup with "Fire Away! I Am Titanium (ZOTAC)"
04- Joined dr (digitalracers) and competed in UL9
05- Contributed to Zotac Cup with "Zoey Taciana (ZOTAC)"
05- Participated in SM alpha
05- Moderated SM alpha forum for Nadeo
07- Canyon Platform Campaign released. Made video about it.
11- Started 25 Builder Canyon Project
12- Released TM2 Trailer Mashup video

02- New Canyon blocks released. Made video about it.
02- Invited by Nadeo to become a Global Mod on MP Forums
02- Participated in Stadium openbeta
02- Finished and released 25 Builder Canyon Project, "District 25"
03- Participated in ManiaPlanet Video Contest. Lost.
04- Released "CSb¹»Rinse'n'Repeat" for FunRacers servers
05- Helped Nadeo create the Stadium Launch Trailer
06- Stadium released. Bought it.
06- Gave away 18 Valley keys in the DBS contest
06- Released Valley Fan Trailer
07- Valley released. Bought it.
08- Released my first Valley map, "Fuze"
09- Retired from being Global Mod on MP Forums

02- Released mashup of previous Canyon maps, "Antiventure"
03- Participated in ManiaPlanet 3 closed beta
04- Helped as Translator (proofreader really) for ManiaPlanet

06- Preordered TM Turbo
06- Made a Lagoon Mashup video.

03- TM Turbo released. Built my first Canyon & first Lagoon maps.
06- Retired from Site Leader on TMX United
07- Retired from Moderator on TMX NF and MX
07- Made videos of all maps to date (playlist)

01- Released first map with embedded objects, "CSb¹»Hang t' Dry"
01- Participated in AuthorMania 2 with "AM2 - Cascara"
01- Started working on a new edition of District 25, with drastically reduced graphical weight
02- Took on role of Crew Coordinator for MX
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