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Styles and Modes of TrackMania
Styles and Modes of TrackMania22 Dec, 2011
   eyebo.wp (5 comments, 10061 views)  
Time Attack is all about setting the best time possible. You have a set amount of time on the server in which you can do as many runs as you want. When the timer hits 0:00, the person with the best time wins.

In Rounds everyone starts at the same time. It's all about placing as highly as you can to maximize your points for the round. Rounds mode has a point limit, for instance 125 points. Multiple runs are played by everyone on the server until someone goes over 125 points. When that happens, whoever has the most points wins.

Normal (or Race)
An easy or intermediate track that would be good for online racing. Some corners, but nothing too difficult. A very clearly designed route. Little to no transitions. A few jumps, but very easy ones. A good track for beginners to drive on. Alternatively, this could also be defined as a track which incorporates 2 or more styles listed below in a single map.

A track which can be driven without letting off the gas for the entire run. Stylistically they usually have very gradual turns, which is fine because you're going at a very high speed. Big jumps, wallrides, loops, inversions, and corkscrews are common, but not required. The entire route is tuned to maximize speed. Boosters are used liberally, though they may only be needed at the start, in order to build up speed quickly.

A map, usually made for competitions or rounds mode. It will feature tight corners, a slower average speed, technical passages throughout. The track can have a lot of flow. Emphasis is put on perfecting a good driving line through the map.

Similar to tech, but with longer turns. Sometimes boosters. A higher average speed than tech. Fast drifts.

A track built with primarily the terrain blocks as a driving surface. These sections could be connected with small sections of road for CPs or to redirect the driver.

Pretty self explanatory. A map with more than one lap, using the lap start block as a starting point. The driving style of the track could be any of the other styles mentioned.

A short map, usually under 20 seconds. The map usually has one crazy idea in it that probably requires a perceived degree of luck to get a good time.

Similar to a LOL map in length, but stylistically more focus is placed on the track being technical. Skill will gain the best time, not luck.

The style of the map may vary between tech, speedtech, and fullspeed... or even "normal". Generally the map is at least two minutes long. Many endurance maps are five or more minutes long. A good endurance map will not have any section that is too hard to pass, or blind for the driver. The route will be clearly defined, good signage is a must (where applicable). If reuses are used, they must be intuitive so the driver will not get lost. The route is usually varied so the driver will recognize each passage, even on successive runs. Traditionally, this style has been driven the most in the Coppers Millions Cup.

The main focus of the map is placed on the transitions between blocks. Transitions are created when traversing on or off a part of a block that wasn't intended to be its primary use. This usually results in needing precision driving to navigate the transitions. The builder will usually set up a transition by setting up a driving line into the transition. This will enable the driver to naturally flow through the transition with little effort beyond needing to be lined up for it. Satisfaction is derived from successfully traversing each transition smoothly and completing the map with a good time. Difficulty may vary widely. Some maps may incorporate one or two transitions and still be focused primarily on tech or fullspeed. Whatever the primary focus of the map is defines it's category.

Think of them as Adventure maps. Generally it's understood that the map requires a texture mod. Much emphasis is put on epic scenery and a challenging route with many challenges. Depending on the difficulty, the driver may need to respawn repeatedly to refine their skills and pass on to the next section. The map is usually themed (e.g. An ancient temple, a spaceship, a boat, etc.). Driving on pipes and narrow walls is common, but not required. There is usually some intermediate driving between more challenging parts. Some believe RPGs also require a story with specific objectives, because you are role-playing (as the name RPG means Role Playing Game). Generally these maps are a little longer. On average they may take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple hours to complete for an average driver. Those who are experts at the genre may complete the same map in about 5 to 15 minutes. Some more difficult challenges may have the driver traversing the map for several hours.You may also read the TrackMania RPG Blog's definition of RPG

Similar to RPG, but less about story and atmosphere. The track is usually not themed. More emphasis is put on individual sections being difficult to traverse. Generally there's not any easy driving. The map may have some very frustrating parts that require a seemingly inordinate amount of skill to pass. The degree of satisfaction from completion: very high.

This was a category on TMUF TMX. It's not to be confused with Stunt mode. A track made in the Stunt style would feature a series of challenging stunts, like flips or halfpipe jumps, to pull off, connected by road passages. The goal is to set a good time while traversing the stunt parts with speed, not to get stunt points.

Probably multiple routes to the finish. Many dead ends. A confusing route. There could be hidden CPs if the author chooses. Or CPs could be used as waypoints so you know you're on the right path. Multiple vertical levels add length to the track. Alternatively this style is known as a labyrinth.

PressForward (aka PF)
Hold the Accelerator. 3 2 1 GO! Enjoy the show! These tracks require no driving at all. The author has already designed the entire route to be driven with only the forward key pressed. Generally the most exciting ones of this genre have the car flying through the track with much speed and doing things (usually with much precision) that you could never do as a normal driver. It's preferred if maps of this style are at least a minute long, though 2 to 3 minutes is even more rewarding to watch. The longer the map, the more work that goes into testing it during the build process. Spinoffs of this genre include PressRight (PR), PressLeft (PL), PressNothing (PN), as well as others. There have been some maps that also incorporate freestyle moves to dazzle the viewer.

------ TIME ISN'T A CONCERN -----

An open map with different areas designed for freestyle driving. Think of it like a giant skatepark. Usually there are CPs at key points so you can respawn repeatedly to refine your skills on a certain grind or some other freestyle move. The goal isn't to finish, but to set up a good "run". Try to chain together as many cool tricks as you can to make an epic run. Save your replay, edit it to the applicable part, and share it with the freestyle community. This has been a very high profile part of TrackMania since it was first introduced/invented by the community.

An open map for casual driving. Not meant to be finished. No specific route. It's a way to drive around with friends and hang out.

Hide & Seek
A map with good spots to hide from your opponents. Similar to freeroam, but with the goal of finding other drivers.

----- STUNT MODE ------

Stunt mode is all about getting the most points you can before your timer runs out. You may have a minute or two to complete a stunt run before starting another. It's played online in much the same way as Time Attack in that you have maybe 6 minutes (or whatever the server is set at) in which to hone your "run" and get the most points. Finish before the timer runs out or risk losing all your points.

As of the writing of this post, it has not been implemented in Canyon yet.

I don't know the names of these styles. But I've observed some basic kinds of stunt maps...

  • A map which requires you to drive from point A to point B through several CPs and stunt jumps or flips and get as many points as possible in the process.[/item]
  • A map designed much like freestyle maps. Open, with many areas to rack up points. There is usually a central CP which you can respawn at, should you crash... with a loss of some points... but will allow you to rack up some more points before finishing at one of the many finishes scattered around the map.[/item]
  • A map which starts with a quick CP... then a red booster and jump into the scenery outside the build area. Flips, bounces, crashes, all kinds of stunts can be chained together to maximize points. Usually the driver will respawn multiple times with a loss of some points, but with a goal to gaining many more each time. The finish is right next to the CP. When the timer runs low, you quickly drive in the finish with no loss of points.[/item]

----- OTHER -----

In older TrackMania versions there was of course Platform and Puzzle modes as well. Quickly I'll summarize those.

There is no timelimit. The goal is to get through the map with as few respawns as possible. As a result, the map is designed with jumps that usually require air control. Engine killers may also make it difficult to get enough speed to make it to the next CP. The fewer respawns you take, the more points you get. Some also compete for best times, although that is not the primary goal of this mode.

You are given a set number of blocks that the author has chosen. Some blocks are already placed (and locked into their positions) in the map. Usually CPs, the Start, and the Finish. You must use the available blocks to build a route through the map to get the best time.
5 comment(s).
  oneindig smurf writes ... 13, Nov, 2013  
O, and you forgot Lunatic also.....
  oneindig smurf writes ... 13, Nov, 2013  
Thx, I didn't knew there were so many tm-styles, but you forgot one: Mini RPG

This is a completely diffrent style than Normal RPG
  arzgaa writes ... 21, Feb, 2012  
Good blog. Helps the beginners as much as a wannabe-veteran as myself :d
Had some stuff I've never heard of (even though I've been quite actively involved since the Trackmania Nations :p )
Keep it up ;)
   eyebo.wp writes ... 22, Dec, 2011  
Thanks for your contribution Hardarm. I've edited the post a little.
  Hardarm writes ... 22, Dec, 2011  
Freeroam is more than casual driving, when you are with clan - friends and you have a "child spirit" of gaming ..
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