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DBS Contest Tracks
DBS Contest Tracks21 Jul, 2013
   eyebo.wp (3 comments, 2155 views)  
Some of you might know that I recently organized three contests in the forums and gave away 18 TM²Valley keys. There was a screenshot making contest, an offline driving contest, and a track building contest. Together they were known as the "DBS Contest".

Well, the full results are in! You can check this post if you want to see the full results for all three contests.

However, the reason I'm blogging about it, is because many of the tracks of the building contest are quite underrated. Even the winning tracks of the track building contest seem to have slipped by without much notice.

:gold: "(DBS) Heaven Ain't Close by   XT kruemelyeti won the track building contest, and as of this writing has only 8 awards and 6 replays. It's not a very hard Canyon track, and it's got some great ideas in it! I definitely recommend giving it a go!

:silver: "DBS - Things To Come by   nevermind.xT is a Stadium track. It tied for second place and currently has 3 awards and 1 replay (from the author himself). It uses the new Stadium blocks and the new block variants. You should definitely check it out!

:silver: "Journeyman (DBS) by   basbaas»LT is also a Stadium track. It tied the track above for second place. It currently has 4 awards, and no replays! There's a lot of diversity of ideas in it, and some cool ideas for using the new blocks. Take it for a spin!

"Sidewinder [DBS] by FunTrackers" is an Island track that took 4th place in the contest. It was built by 3 builders. It's a fun fullspeeder that will get your adrenaline pumping. It has 6 awards and 5 replays uploaded. That's not bad for TMUF these days. But I also know there's more Island lovers still around that would love to give this one a go!


Below are some of my personal favorites from the contest (besides the ones above).

"DBS - Porix's Lee Sin by is a techy Canyon map that you'll definitely enjoy. It has only 1 award. :( Hugely underrated.

"Burning Tires (DBS) by   toffe is a great Canyon track for online. Great flow and a clean layout. Only 1 award so far.

"DBS - Heroicis Nomen by   Cxom is a crazy Canyon track with some creative ideas and a big layout! No awards or replays posted. :o Embrace the challenge!

"dbs»Flowing Smoothly² by   FT»Osaka is a challenging but fun and smooth Stadium fullspeeder that really exploits the new lighting of the TM2 engine. Only 1 award so far. Definitely underrated.

"DBS - Magic Waves² by   unholy79 is a super fast Stadium fullspeeder that is a lot of fun to drive. Fasten your seatbelt and hang on tight! This one also has no awards or replays. Show it some love!

"(DBS) Feel Mag!c by FT|Joyeux" is a creative Islander that will get your blood pumping. 7 awards and 4 replays as of this writing, but definitely deserves more. Give it a try!

"DBS - Aywantvallaykeï by Fadden" is a fun Rally track with a nice flow and use of many different surfaces. There's no awards, and no replays other than the author's, but I think that could change soon if some Rally lovers gave it a try. ;) I personally drove it for about 40 minutes, because I just couldn't stop.

"DBS | Lunacy by Marius89" is a techy Bay track that, like the track above, uses many different surfaces in the Bay environment. It got a little attention, with 5 awards and 5 replays. But, well... you know what I'm going to say. :)

"dbs - Transhitional by nod32" is a crazy hard Snow track. As the name suggests, it's chock full of transitions. It's not surprising that it has no replays, as it's quite hard to even finish. But I think it's worth the try, especially if you're the type of person who likes a difficult challenge.

You might say "But eyebo, you haven't awarded most of these tracks either!" That's true, but that's because I was judging the contest and didn't want to show any favoritism during the judging process. Now that the contest is over, I'll be going through each track and writing some awards and uploading some replays. (y)

Well, the contest was a lot of fun and I think these tracks are a nice demonstration of how creative the TM community is.

See you next time! (y)

P.S. I dedicate this blog post to Google Chrome, without which I would have had to write the whole thing from scratch after accidentally closing the window when I was almost done. But Chrome recovered the tab with all the writing in the text field intact. Thank you Chrome! (l)
3 comment(s).
  unholy79 writes ... 23, Jul, 2013  
Thanks for the contest and for the feature blog entires. :)
next time i hope i read such contestthreads earlier.
  XT kruemelyeti writes ... 21, Jul, 2013  
Nice blogpost and thanks for the showcases! Nice to see some words to each track. It was a great contest and much fun to participate. Oh and thanks Chrome! :)
  FT»Rast writes ... 21, Jul, 2013  
Was a really big pleasure to try ourselves here ^^ At least I've had a lot of fun with making the track. A pity I can't try those new TM2 Stadium tracks as I don't own the game, but I believe they are pretty badass ^^. Looking forward to competitions like this, thanks for organising, You did really well!
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