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Rules & Guidelines
By maintaining an account here at Mania Exchange, you agree to follow these rules. Breaching these rules can result in certain penalties; comment deletion, award deletion, track deletion, post deletion, replay deletion and so forth.
Mania Exchange is an English language website for people of all ages and backgrounds.
    We kindly ask that you:
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Be a positive force in the community.
    Some rules:
  • Screenshots should be relevant and display a clear portion of the track.
  • Let moderators take care of rule breakers. Use the report function!
Please Note: We are an independently run community website. The crew on this site are all unpaid volunteers. This includes the admins, developers, and moderators.

How to get the most from Mania Exchange:
  • Try New Maps: Branch out and try maps by authors you don't know.

  • Give Feedback: Keep it positive and constructive. Giving feedback is a great way to give back to the community. And you'll find it works both ways. The more involved you are, the more likely others will give you feedback.

  • Favourite Authors: When you find an author whose maps you like, you can favourite the author by clicking the heart next to their name. You will then get notifications when they upload new maps. You can also find a list of new maps by your favourite authors by navigating to "Find Tracks" and then choosing "Favourite Authors" from the list.

  • Leaderboards: Do this by uploading a replay on every map you play. This will boost your rank for the "Cumulative Leaderboard". In addition, uploading replays on highly competed maps will gain you more points for the "Best 25 Replays" leaderboard.

  • The Forums: The forums are a great place to get help, find projects & competitions to participate in, find resources to use in-game, promote your creations or discuss the game.
For more suggestions, visit the topic "Help for unknown authors - some recommendations" in the forum.
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