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Steam Summer Sales! posted by   eyebo at 23 Jun, 2017
If you don't own all the environments yet, now's the time to get them!
The Steam Summer Sales are upon us!

Until July 5, 2017
50% discounts on Canyon, Valley, Stadium, ShootMania, and TMUF+3 TM2 environments.

€ 4,99 - Stadium
€ 9,99 - Canyon
€ 9,99 - Valley
€ 9,99 - Shootmania

Or get the TrackManias bundled:
€ 29,99 - TMUF + Canyon+Valley+Stadium

Not on sale, but worth buying:
€ 19.99 - Lagoon
Winner of the MTC May 2017 posted by   Ozon, 16-Jun-2017
  MTC - Castle of Confusion (Valley) by   Marius 89  1
A map of the unusual kind, where you have to optimize your route through the many CPs which are distributed all over the map!
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  DEFQON 1 Main Stage 2017  wMimon57 Stadium1 min    
  Bockwurst  Bagsor [LnA]Goridh Stadium15 secs    
  G-Cliffs015Vp  tnc1976 Stadium30 secs    
  Viaduct Settlement  Madziour Valley2 m 30 s    
  Sweet Short 14  nitro_s7 Stadium30 secs    
  flyaway  fredair.esu Stadium15 secs    
  Dusty Meal 5: Main  bcs'JR1988 Stadium30 secs    
  ?Bestefar, ta dine tenner på!  Slartibartfast Canyon1 min    
  TMProLeague Recovery  /// Tomsen.xT Stadium1 min    
  ?ÐE??@ SeMi-TeCh (NO ESL) 24-6-17  derrapador Stadium15 secs    
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  Animal instinct  Scape Stadium45 secs 9    
  ManiaPlanet IV - Hunter  fredair.esu Stadium30 secs 1    
  Gnoi Smooth 5  Eblignoi Stadium15 secs 2    
  ESL - Bloodline ft Kappa  »RtA« wally +1Stadium1 min 2    
  Mini-Dirt  bcs'VividReamer Stadium45 secs 6    
  Short-hunt #1  Nathan Stadium15 secs 2    
  Fun just once #51  tango.sharly Stadium15 secs 1    
  Donut  donfetti Canyon45 secs 6    
  (WTC) [RPG] Get A Grip 2 (Day)  Nighthawk Canyon3 min 2    
  Ragnarok  chuckie +1Valley45 secs 2    
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MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  Bay Slide  GR. Lagoon45 secs 3    
  Next Green Hell  MrSPACEmaniac Lagoon45 secs 2    
  Ragnarok  chuckie +1Valley45 secs 2    
  Finally Friday #56  bcs'keissla Stadium30 secs 1    
  KO9 - Bouldering Alley  BushMonkey Canyon30 secs    
  TrackMania Turbo Reloaded | #51  Mr.DVD Valley30 secs    
  KOx - |>Slow's<|Coo3  |[X-v]|Slow Canyon30 secs    
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Best of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  F-Zero Reborn  v.neck Stadium2 m 30 s 16    
  Donut  donfetti Canyon45 secs 6    
  ESL - Rendevouz  mdpoint-xT Stadium1 min 5    
  winnlap  irabig Stadium1 min 4    
  Bay Slide  GR. Lagoon45 secs 3    
  various surfaces  zocka Lagoon30 secs 3    
  A03-Ultimate Challenge 4  Mr.DVD Lagoon30 secs 3    
  + D e i c i d e  bcs'keissla Stadium45 secs 3    
  BIG CALABASH  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 3    
  ``NUTZ! Nighthawk``  allan_bruun Canyon1 min 3    
Competitive Tracks of the WeekAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley | Lagoon
  Donut  donfetti Canyon45 secs 6    
  Into The Big Unknown  Mortex -745- Lagoon30 secs 2    
  Bay Slide  GR. Lagoon45 secs 3    
  F-Zero Reborn  v.neck Stadium2 m 30 s 16    
  New Fun Short LOL #2 (speed)  Aspirin Stadium15 secs 1    
  BIG CALABASH  johnjohn55 Canyon30 secs 3    
  Isla nubar  zenyatta Lagoon45 secs 2    
  Hunting We Will Go  AR »Cyan Stadium45 secs 2    
  K'mini - C - 5  Korysovec Lagoon30 secs    
  Mini Slay 0016  SLAYER Lagoon30 secs 2    
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