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Saturday, May 14, 2016 (1803 days ago)
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I'm Entertainer (Mekh) or call me Enter, from Bangkok, Thailand, I'm 18 years old
I started playing TrackMania around 2016, but I left TrackRacing Online, later becoming active in the community in late 2017 when I got Discord account, and unfortunately my Discord account got deleted from since October 2020, moving on Roblox Discord account, started to playing Roblox Arsenal since 2019

I joined TMU-X and ManiaExchange in May 2016 as a playing Cracked TM2 Canyon, updating my own maps in May 2017 when MP4 came out, thank you   eyebo.wp for gifting me Trackmania series :)

Formerly known as Mekh, I changed my name on every platform in 2020 to Scarecrow Arsenal or Entertainer Arsenal, because of Roblox Arsenal, a gun game by Rolve

I also like Race maps quite a lot for their challenging to make my own more per environments

I do have 100k hours of play time and more than half of that is spent on mapping :build:
I do have a YouTube channel that you can find right here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ScarecrowAndFarmerArsenalGetsMarried/
I do have a Twitter profile but I post my tweet everyday: https://twitter.com/CallMeEnterAlr8
I do have a Twitch channel but I do not stream very often: https://www.twitch.tv/entertainerwastaken
I do have a Instagram profile but still Inactive, I will post it right away: https://www.instagram.com/i_will_1v1_you_in_arsenal/

I made by myself using my knowledge that with my paint. I now own Photoshop, Paint(Dot)Net tho, it'll be helpfull to make more quality content. I'm editing my videos with WMM and Wondershare Filmora X and I think that pretty much some it for the stuff that you need to know about me

If you're looking for track recommendations, I have a look through the many tracks I've awarded ! :$

Former member of
  • Smurfs (aka Smurfen.net) since 2020

    Current member of
  • Lagoon Guys since 2021

    My dream prefers
  • Stadium Family
  • Marceline Saint Season 1
  • KO maps
  • StarTrack 2
  • Tech
  • Custom items and blocks
  • Good stuff
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